How to start in sexy underwear?

How to start in sexy underwear?

How to start in sexy underwear?

As one of the alternative pursuits of modern people’s sex life, sexy underwear has gradually been accepted and tried by more people.But for those who want to wear sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to many skills and details.Let ’s take a look at how to wear sexy underwear.

1. Choose the right style

If you want to wear sex underwear, you first need to choose the right style.According to your body and preference, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, women with tall figures can choose underwear designed with drawers on their chests, while women with full hips can choose to have thickened butt pads.

2. Understand your size

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you must understand your size.The choice of size not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also affects the appearance effect.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, be sure to measure your body size and select the appropriate size according to the size table.

3. Pay attention to the material

Selection of sexy underwear is also very important.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear of high -quality materials is more comfortable, soft, and better.The erotic underwear of inferior materials can cause uncomfortable skin allergies and poor breathing.

4. Care before wearing

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must take the right care of it.For example, soak the underwear in the water, clean it, and then dry it.At the same time, pay attention to avoid rubbing with other clothing or items to avoid damage to underwear.

5. The mentality when wearing

When wearing sexy underwear, you must relax and confident, so as to better show the beauty of sexy underwear.You can try it on in front of the mirror, understand your advantages and deficiencies, adjust your state, and find your own sense of self -confidence.

6. How to wear

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to wear it in the correct order, otherwise it will be more troublesome.Generally speaking, first wear underwear, then wear pantyhose, dress or suit.This can avoid the problems of underwear wrinkle, and better show the beauty of sexy underwear.

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7. Match the right accessories

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to be paid attention to.You can choose suitable accessories according to the color and style of sexy underwear, such as necklaces, socks, gloves, etc.With suitable accessories can better highlight the beauty of sexy underwear.

8. Pay attention to keep warm

Most of the sexy underwear is transparent, which looks more sexy, but it is also easy to make people feel cold.Therefore, under the cold climate, it is recommended to put on a coat or shawl, which will not affect the beauty and keep warm.

The above are some details and skills that you need to pay attention to in wearing fun underwear. I hope to help you.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear needs to be attentive, starting from the aspects of selecting styles, understanding size, attention to materials, etc., you can better show the beauty of sexy underwear.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to mentality and accessories, maintain confidence and generosity, and show your charm.