Sexy lingerie exposed buttocks

Sexy lingerie exposed buttocks

Sexy lingerie exposed buttocks

Sexy underwear has always been a artifact for lovers, and the sexy underwear of exposed butt and chest adds fun and teasing, allowing more people to move towards a sexual experience of liberation.Next, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of sexy lingerie butt and chest.


Sexy underwear dew on the buttocks refers to the design of the butt parts behind the underwear and the design of the front chest part. Coupled with the rich elements such as lace, embroidery, leather, lace, etc., the wearer is full of mystery and temptation.Such sexy underwear is mostly composed of sexy and vivid elements, which can meet different dressing needs.

Suitable crowd

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Sexy underwear exposed butt breasts are suitable for women who are sexy and hobbies.I want to come out of ordinary, and through this underwear expressed from me to increase interest and fun.But it should be noted that such sex underwear is more challenging and requires confidence and courage.

Style classification

Sexy underwear exposed butt chests are divided into suspenders, butterfly, G-String, and open-stalls.Among them, suspenders are often used in sexual parties and nightclubs. Butterfly type can make the hips more attractive, and the opening type makes the sexual experience richer.

Material selection

The material choice of sexy lingerie butt chest should be weighed between sexy and comfortable.Common materials are smooth imitation, breathable lace, soft tribute satin.For example, women who love leather can choose the style of imitation leather, and those who like comfort should choose lace and tributary satin.

With suggestions

Sweets, accessories, and makeup of sexy lingerie with butt and chest should be interesting.High -heeled shoes are the best choice. Metal mask, handcuffs and other elements can also be used as matching items.Makeup should use sexy and mysterious black eye shadow and red lip makeup to enhance the momentum.


The maintenance of sexy underwear exposed butt chest should follow the basic care methods of underwear. First of all, it should be classified and stored to avoid confusion.Hand washing and cold water cleaning are the best ways to nurses. At the same time, it should be avoided with bleach and soft agent to keep underwear neat and soft.

Fetish Wear

Choose the main points

Sex lingerie exposed buttocks need to choose a size suitable for you to avoid being too tight or loose, and pay attention to the choice of materials and styles.Before buying sexy underwear, you must communicate well with your partner, respect the wishes of the other party, and maintain good communication and trust.

the way of buying

There are many kinds of purchase channels for sexy lingerie to show their buttocks. It can be found in offline stores and online stores, but it should be noted that choosing regular channels to buy to avoid buying fakes and poor quality products.


Sexy underwear exposed butt chest is a kind of sexy underwear full of temptation and mysterious, which can meet the needs of many women’s sexual experience.But wearers need to overcome their concerns and shyness, and maintain good communication and trust to find a more close way to get along with the partner.