Sexy underwear cat cos cos

Sexy underwear cat cos cos


Sexy underwear has always been one of the important ways for women to show sexy and charm, and cat COS is a kind of sexy underwear type that has been popular in recent years.Today, let’s take a look at the sexy underwear cat cos.

What is a cat cos

Cos COS is Cosplay, which is a sexy underwear designed with the image of the cat.It uses typical black and white color colors, usually with cat characteristics such as tails and ears, allowing women to show a sexy, cute and mysterious side after wearing.


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Cat COS has a variety of styles. The most classic is a cat girl conjoined sexy underwear. In addition, there are cats, tails, gloves, skirts and other items.Women can match different wear effects according to their preferences.

Fabric selection

The key to sexy underwear is to be comfortable. Coses of cats usually choose soft and comfortable materials, such as lace, silk, wool, etc.Of course, this is also determined based on women’s personal preferences and skin texture.

Size reference

The sexy underwear of different brands may be slightly different in the size, but it is usually provided with a detailed size reference table, allowing women to choose the size that suits them best according to their figure.You can measure the body size in advance to choose the appropriate size before purchasing.


Cat COS can be paired with high heels or long socks to highlight the beauty of women’s leg lines.At the same time, different items can create different effects.Cat girlfriends can be worn alone, and gloves and headwear can be worn as embellishment accessories.

suitable occasion

Cat COS can be used to enrich interesting life, but it can also be used in some parties and COSPLAY activities.This mysterious erotic underwear allows women to show their different sides and attract more attention.


How to maintain

Sex underwear needs to be cleaned after use, which ensures the durability of sexy underwear.Because cat COS uses more fabrics such as lace, silk, so pay special attention to hand washing. It is not recommended to use washing machines for cleaning.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the underwear is dry after cleaning.


Cat COS’s ears, tails and other accessories can be disassembled and need to be cleaned carefully when cleaning.At the same time, it is very important to choose the right size when pairing with high heels or stockings.

in conclusion

Cat COS is a kind of sexy and cute sexy underwear, which has a wealth of matching and dressing.Women can be used in fun life, cosplay, parties, etc.After use, cleaning and maintenance are essential.