Stewardess model sexy underwear video

Stewardess model sexy underwear video


The stewardess and models are occupations in different fields, but they all need to have a certain distinctive image and temperament. Especially when going out, you need to impress people when you need to impress it. You need to choose suitable sexy underwear to add charm.On the Internet, there are many sexy underwear videos shot by stewardess models, so what are the characteristics of these videos?What are the styles that are different from general erotic underwear?The next article will analyze you one by one.

Professional and high -quality

Both the stewardess and the model have professional image needs. Whether in the cabin or on the stage of the catwalk, they need to show professionalism and temperament, which also determines the criteria for them to choose sexy underwear.The sexy underwear shot by the stewardess model is high, and the color is generous and romantic. It has high requirements for the creation of details, and the comfort of the fabric has also been perfectly guaranteed.

Temperament and capable

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Both the stewardess and the model need to show a powerful aura and a capable image, which also determines that they will choose those styles that are more in line with their style when choosing sexy underwear.The stewardess model will not choose too sexy styles when choosing a sexy underwear, but uses some capable and powerful design elements to highlight her characteristics.Use some integrated composite design to show sexy temperament, and use your own aura to add more charm to sexy underwear.

Deep V -neck and walking light design

Deep V -neck and walking light design are very common elements in sexy underwear design, and there is no absence in the sexy underwear video of the stewardess model. For example, some V -neck design is relatively deep and the design is relatively prominent.Let the beautiful things be revealed, show the characteristics of women, and make people taste sexy.

Black tone and light design

Black is the most common color in sexy underwear design, and it is also one of the main colors of the stewardess model sexy underwear videos, but their design is not limited to this. The colors such as dark purple and beige have also become a popular color for stewardess models.The lighting design is becoming more and more favored by the stewardess models. For example, it uses hollow detailed processing and innovative materials to enhance the texture and layered sense of design, and it can also show the beautiful posture of women.

Sexy and health

The stewardess models choose the lines, fabrics, and styles of sexy underwear to fully consider their health. After all, they have to wear these things outside.Sexy and health are not contradictory. They do not need to sacrifice some of each other’s elements, so the stewardess models will also pay great attention to the comfort of the clothes and fabrics when choosing a sexy underwear.Essence

Packal style and wear effect

When choosing a sexy underwear, the package design is extremely important. After all, women’s figures need to be perfectly displayed. The experience, thickness, breathableness, etc. of the fabric should be very good.It also pays great attention to the effect of wearing, and has very detailed design requirements for walking effects and lying posture effects after wearing clothes.


Kimono design

The kimono design is a special design element in the sexy underwear video of the stewardess model, which perfectly combines Oriental and Western elements, making women feel unique to wear.In the sexy underwear of the kimono series, it is often a loose design that makes the whole body more charm.

Simple and gorgeous coexistence

In the video of the stewardess model, you can not only see those gorgeous sexy underwear, but also some simple -themed design.Simplicity and gorgeous coexistence may be a kind of thought of the stewardess model sexy underwear video design.


The sexy underwear video shot by the stewardess model can be said to be very artistic and expressive. Their unique design, fine production technology, and high -quality finished products can make us feel the beauty of art and fashion no matter which angle.Therefore, whether you are a worker or to pursue fashion, the stewardess model sexy underwear videos are a beautiful landscape.