Water love lingerie

Water love lingerie

The erotic lingerie in the water is the sexy underwear that can be worn in the water.This underwear makes women feel more sexy and confident when swimming or water exercise.When buying water underwear in water, there are several aspects that need attention.The following will introduce how to choose the right water lingerie.

Breathability and comfort

Water love underwear is exposed to water and air due to diving or swimming.Therefore, breathability and comfort are factors that need to be given priority when choosing water underwear in water.Good breathability of underwear can quickly evaporate sweat and moisture, making the wearer feel more dry and comfortable.

Fabric and quality

The fabric and quality are the second factor that needs to be considered when choosing a water underwear in the water.Usually, water swimming underwear should use durable fabrics and manufacturing processes.Most brands of water erotic underwear use fast -drying fabrics, which can not only be dried quickly with the movement of air and water, but also have excellent sun protection effects.

Design and style

Water love underwear should also take into account design and style at the same time.Some popular styles include bikinis, joint swimsuits and triangular swimsuits.Bikini and triangular swimsuits can provide greater flexibility and aesthetic changes, and joint swimsuits are usually considered more suitable for swimming.

Size and suitable

Correctly selecting the size and adaptability of the erotic underwear in the water are important steps to ensure comfort and sexy.Wearing too much or too small, underwear can make people feel uncomfortable and unnatural.Some brands have size charts and online consultation to help choose the best size.

Color and pattern

Color and patterns are one of the important aspects of choosing and lingerie in water.The correct color and pattern can make the wearer more sexy and charming in the water.Some popular patterns include spots, stripes, prints, colors and single colors.Proper color schemes can make water erotic underwear look more vivid and attractive.

Price and brand

Prices and brands are the last two factors that need to be considered when choosing water underwear in water.Different brands and materials can make prices very different.Choosing a reputable brand and a moderate price will bring a more wonderful experience to the wearer.

Maintenance and cleaning

In the water, the affectionate underwear needs to be maintained and cleaned in time after use.Interesting underwear in the water is easy to deform, so it is necessary to use warm water hands to wash or put in the soft mode of washing machine.

Match and style

The matching and styles of the love underwear in the water are similar to choosing normal sexy underwear.The wearer can match different accessories and hairstyles according to his body and temperament to achieve the best results.

Viewpoint: It is important to choose a lingerie in water that suits you. This can not only make the wearer feel sexy and confident, but also bring them a pleasant water sports experience.

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