Well -faced lingerie?

Well -faced lingerie?


Interest underwear is a special underwear that can enhance interest and sexy.In the impression of many people, sexy underwear seems to be a huge profit industry.In this article, we will explore this issue.

Types of sexy underwear brands

Fun underwear brands can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a brand focusing on sexy underwear, and the other is ordinary underwear brands.Professional brands will pay more costs on products, while ordinary brands mainly depend on brand and popularity to sell products.The performance of these two brands in the market and huge profits will be different.

The cost and price of sexy underwear

The cost and price of sexy underwear will be slightly higher than that of ordinary underwear.Making sex underwear requires special materials and processes, so production costs will be slightly higher.And sexy underwear is usually only some niche brands, and the production scale is relatively small, which will also lead to higher sales prices of sexy underwear than ordinary underwear.

Market demand and sales volume

The demand for the sex underwear market is relatively small, and the sales volume is relatively small.The market demand and sales of ordinary underwear are much larger.This means that the profit space of sexy underwear is smaller than that of ordinary underwear.

The target crowd of sexy underwear

The target crowd of sexy underwear is relatively niche, mainly couples and couples, as well as some people who like to try.Ordinary underwear is an essential item for all women. Market demand and sales are much larger.This also makes the profit margin of sexy underwear relatively small.

The cost of sex lingerie promotion and advertising

The cost of promotion and advertising in sex underwear is relatively high.Because sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, it needs to present its sexy and interesting characteristics.This requires more high -end publicity advertising methods.This will also lead to relatively high costs of sexy underwear and relatively small profit margins.

The channel for sex underwear sales

The sales channel of sexy underwear is relatively single.Most of the sexy lingerie brands are only sold online or some sexy stores.And ordinary underwear involves more sales channels, including online and offline.This also makes the profit margin of sexy underwear relatively small.

The dependence of sexy underwear to the brand

The brand influence of sex underwear is relatively small.In the minds of consumers, the brand value of the sexy underwear brand is secondary, the most important is price, style and quality.Ordinary underwear brands usually have higher brand influence, and brand value is higher.This is also one of the reasons for the relatively small profit margins of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In general, the market size of the sex underwear is relatively small and the profit margin is relatively small.Although the price of sexy underwear is greater than ordinary underwear, its sales and market demand are relatively low.The brand influence and publicity costs are also one of the reasons for the less interest space for sex underwear.

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