What are the sexy underwear in the chest and small buttocks

What sexy underwear is wearing a small buttocks?

1. Boys enhanced style

First of all, in order to make the chest more prominent, it is recommended to choose some styles with the effect of strengthening the effect of the chest, such as lace pads or thick bra.These styles can make the chest more upright, tighten the chest lines, and make the figure more curved beauty.

2. Deep V neck style

Some deep V -neck sexy underwear is very suitable for women with insufficient breasts.Generally speaking, deep V -neck can create more space for the chest, make the chest protruding, and become more sexy and charming.

3. Light or bright colors

If you are a woman with large breasts and small buttocks, it will be more appropriate to choose some light or bright sexy underwear.This can make the upper body more eye -catching and attract the attention of the audience.

4. Orange red system

Orange -red sexy underwear is very suitable for women with small buttocks.Orange red can not only highlight the upper body, but also make the lower body look more slender.Therefore, choosing a set of orange -red sexy underwear is a very good choice.

5. top or conjoined trousers style

If you want to make up for the disadvantages of the big buttocks as a whole, it is very feasible to choose some sexy underwear with tops or pants.These styles can integrate the upper body and the lower body together, and they look more coordinated.

6. Decorative tedious style

Some cumbersome sexy underwear is very suitable for women with small buttocks.These erotic underwear are decorated with various lace, lace, folds, etc., which can disperse the attention of the audience and make the figure look more perfect.

7. Back strap design

When choosing a sexy underwear, the design of the shoulder strap is very important.It is recommended to choose some wide shoulder straps underwear, so as to better support the chest and avoid too fatigue on the shoulders.

8. Comfortable fabric

Finally, it is important to choose comfortable fabrics for women with large and small buttocks.Some comfortable and soft fabrics, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc., can not only wear more comfortable wearing, but also increase your self -confidence.

9. European and American style style

In addition to the above -mentioned styles, some European and American sexy underwear is also very suitable for women with large and small buttocks.These styles are usually biased towards publicity and avant -garde, and can inject more confidence into you.

10. Exclude inappropriate styles

Finally, it is also very important to exclude some sexy lingerie styles that are not suitable for you.For example, some loose or too tight styles are not suitable for women with large bust and small buttocks.You need to make a reasonable choice according to your actual situation.

In summary, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For women with large buttocks and small buttocks, choose some breast enhanced styles, deep V -neck, light -colored or bright colors, orange -red system, top or conjoined style, decorative style, shoulder strap design, comfortable fabric, European and American style style, etc.The style is a very good choice.

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