What does a girlfriend buying sexy underwear represent?

Why do girlfriends buy sexy underwear?

Girlfriend’s buying sexy underwear may surprise men, because sexy underwear is often considered what is used after marriage or long -term stable relationships.However, the girlfriend’s purchase of sex underwear itself represents a signal.There may be many kinds of signals, and some common reasons will be mentioned below.

Sexy underwear can increase sexual interest

First of all, women buy sexy underwear to increase sexual interest.Although this may be different from men, women sometimes need some additional incentives.The design of sexy underwear can often highlight certain physical characteristics, increase the curve of the body, thereby increasing women’s self -confidence, increasing sexual interest, and making that night more wonderful.

Interest underwear can improve sexual experience

Secondly, women buy sexy underwear to improve sexual experience.Interest underwear is often designed as a special style and structure suitable for sex, such as the previous opening or translucent models.After many practice and attempts, this special design and structure has proven to improve the experience and joy of sex, so that women can relax and enjoy in terms of sex.

Sex underwear can increase the sense of stimulus

Third, women’s purchase of sexy underwear may also be to increase the sense of stimulus.Some sexy underwear is designed to produce special functions that can produce vibration or echo. These functions help increase the sense of irritation and joy, so that sex becomes more exciting and unforgettable.

Sexy underwear can provide a new sex experience

Fourth, women’s purchase of sexy underwear may also be trying to upgrade the sex experience.Different erotic underwear can provide different sexual experiences, including oral sex, anal sex, SM, etc.These new sex experiences can bring women and her male partners different from traditional sex experiences, so as to find new stimuli and accurately meet each other’s needs.

Interest underwear can increase the fun and romantic atmosphere

Fifth, women’s purchase of sexy underwear may also be to increase interest and romantic atmosphere.Sex underwear is often sexy and charming, which can increase the emotional closeness and romantic atmosphere between the two, thereby making sex more romantic and excited.

Sexy underwear is a kind of self -expression

Sixth, women buying sexy underwear can also be a self -expression, expressing personal orientation and sexual needs.Women also want to find their corresponding satisfaction in sex. With the help of sexy underwear, they can reflect their sexual orientation and show their own characteristics.

Women also need creativity and excitement

Seventh, women buying sexy underwear may also be because they also need creativity and stimulation.Sex is a quite high -quality experience. By wearing sexy underwear, the woman can obtain a different sexual experience, thereby increasing the sexual interest between the two parties.

For women, sexy underwear is a secret fun

Finally, for women, sexy underwear can also be a secret.Putting in sex underwear is likely to make women feel very mysterious and special, which has a comfortable feeling.At the same time, this also shows that they are confident in their bodies and dare to show different personalities.

in conclusion

In summary, the reasons for women to buy sexy underwear are different. It may be to improve sexual interest, sex experience, increase stimuli, upgrade sexual experience, increase interest and romantic atmosphere, self -expression, reflect personality, and obtain secret fun.Regardless of the reason, make sexy underwear a necessary item to add your sexual life.For men, there is no need to guess too much. It is the best way to take care and understand the choice of women.

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