What does sexy lingerie gather?

What does sexy lingerie gather?


As a fashion trend of modern people, sexy underwear is inseparable from our lives.In various underwear accessories, the types of sexy underwear are relatively rich, and gathering is also one of the important design elements.

Concept of gathering

Gathering, from a simple sense, it is to gather decentralized things together to form the whole.In the design of sexy underwear, the gathering refers to the more concentrated and more prominent chest, thereby creating a more sexy and charming image.


According to the design and function of the underwear, there are two types of gathering: water droplets gathered and V -shaped gathers.Water drops refer to the gathers of the two hemisphere -shaped meat balls in the chest, and it will not spread to use a certain transparent glue or underwear material.The V -shaped gathers push the chest upward through the design of the front center to form a stand -up effect.

Advantages of gathering

Gathering is widely used when designing new sexy underwear. On the one hand, it can make women’s figure more prominent and more attractive; on the other hand, it can also maintain no relaxation and make women more confident in sports and walking.

Principles of gathering

The principle of gathering underwear is mainly achieved through the height of design elements such as underwear materials, underwear pads, and internal steel brackets to change the shape and size of the chest, thereby showing the effect of gathering.

Gathering material

The materials for gathered underwear are more diverse. Commonly include skin -friendly, lace, transparent glue, air cushion and other materials, as well as common underwear materials such as cotton and polyester fibers.

Buy the underwear to buy

When buying gathered underwear, you should choose according to your body and needs.It should be noted that underwear should be tightly fitted and does not produce too much pressure, so as to better play the effect of gathering.

Gathering underwear matching

Gathering underwear is a underwear with stretching and morphological changes. Be careful with matching.Because its shape and design are special, it is not suitable for tight -fitting clothes. It is also recommended to choose a loose -style top and dress.

Maintenance of gathered underwear

After the underwear is used, it should be cleaned and dried immediately. When storing, you should also pay attention not to superimposed and squeezed. The life of higher temperatures and gathered underwear can be extended for a long time.


Gathering underwear, as one of the design elements of many sexy underwear, aims to make women more sexy and charming.When choosing and matching, you need to pay attention to certain details to give full play to the function of gathering.

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