What kind of sexy underwear is in the trademark?

What is a trademark classification?

Trademark classification is divided into different categories according to different commodities or services.According to the international trademark classification, the NICE classification is the basis of the trademark classification system, and the commodities or services are divided into 45 different categories.Depending on the different needs of various countries, these categories are further divided into different groups, and the specific classification methods are different due to the differences in the country and region.

Which trademark classification does sex underwear belong to?

In the NICE classification, sexy underwear belongs to the 25th category, which is the group of "clothing and its accessories".This group includes various clothing and its accessories, including underwear, coats, socks, ties, scarves, and so on.

Why do I have to register a trademark in sex underwear?

Registered trademarks can ensure that your brand has independent rights in similar products to prevent others from using the same or similar trademark as your brand.In the sexy underwear industry, many brands are very similar. If there is no trademark registration, it will face the risk of other brands of infringement.

Steps of sexy underwear trademark registration

1. Trademark inquiry 2. Trademark application 3. Trademark review 4. Trademark announcement 5. Trademark registration

The importance of trademark query

Before the trademark application, you must conduct trademark inquiry.The purpose of trademark query is to avoid conflicting with other trademarks.If trademark conflicts are found, applicants need to re -consider the design of the trademark.Trademark queries can be conducted through some trademark query websites, or inquiries can be made through trademark agencies.

Requirements for trademark applications

Trademark applications need to submit trademark applications, trademark materials, trademark samples and other related information.Trademark information must be guaranteed and accurate, and it is necessary to follow the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations.The design of the trademark sample also needs to comply with the relevant provisions of the Trademark Office, and must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Process of trademark review

Trademark review is a review of the information applications for trademarks to determine whether the trademark meets the registration requirements.The main contents include whether the trademark has significant distinction, whether it conflicts with existing trademarks, and whether it meets the relevant laws and regulations.

Trademark announcement and publicity

Trademark announcement and publicity refers to the publicity of trademark information on the National Intellectual Property Office’s announcement bar, so that others can understand the information of related trademarks, including applicants, products or services.

The effectiveness of trademark registration

After the trademark registration is successful, the effect is that the applicant has an exclusive nature when using the trademark in similar products and services.The law enforcement forces registered with trademarks include the State Intellectual Property Office and the administrative department of industry and commerce.Once others are found to infringe the trademark right, they can safeguard their rights through legal channels.

Protection of sexy underwear trademark

In order to protect the rights and interests of sexy underwear trademarks, enterprises can safeguard their intellectual property through trademark renewal, trademark license, and trademark transfer.At the same time, it can also strengthen the protection of trademarks through registered trademark protection agreements.


The trademark classification of sexy underwear is the 25th, which is a group that belongs to clothing and its accessories.During the trademark registration process, trademark inquiries must be performed and submitted a trademark application information that meets the standards to ensure the success of trademark registration.After the registration is successful, the protection of trademarks should be strengthened, and its own intellectual property rights should be maintained through the method of renewal of trademarks, trademark licenses, and trademark transfer.

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