What qualifications do Taobao sell sexy underwear

What qualifications do Taobao sells sexy underwear?

What are the qualifications for Taobao to sell sexy underwear?This is a question that many people who want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao want to know.Because Taobao is a relatively strict e -commerce platform, sellers must meet relevant regulations and requirements to open stores, otherwise they will be sealed.Next, let’s take a look at the qualifications of selling sexy underwear.

1. Need to register with physical stores or physical companies

To open a store in Taobao, first of all, a merchant account is required, and the merchant account needs to bind an Alipay account in the name of a company or individual.If you are an individual seller, you can use your Alipay account to bind, but if it is a company, you need to provide related information such as the company’s name, tax number, business license.If you want to sell sexy underwear, it is required that merchants must have physical stores or physical companies to register.Because sexy underwear is a sales product involving private parts, it requires a certain physical store or company to protect consumers’ privacy and rights.

2. Need to apply for relevant certificates

In addition to the registration of physical stores or physical companies, sellers selling sexy underwear also need to apply for relevant certificates, including the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate" and "Network Cultural Operation License".These certificates can ensure that the seller operates sexual and compliance, and complies with relevant regulations and laws and regulations.

3. Need to comply with platform regulations and standards

As a strict e -commerce platform, Taobao also has a series of regulations and standards for sellers, which requires sellers to comply.For example, the sales of sexy underwear must not be sold in other categories in the adult supplies area; yellow content or obscene content cannot be released; consumers cannot be misleading.The seller must abide by these regulations and standards, otherwise they will be punished and even sealed.

4. Need to ensure the quality and safety of the product

Selling sex underwear requires the quality and safety of the product.Interest underwear is a kind of private product that directly contacts the body. If there is a quality and safety hazard sold by the sellers sold, it will seriously affect consumers’ health and interests, and it will also seriously affect the seller’s reputation.Therefore, sellers need to choose formal brand and quality assurance manufacturers to purchase sexy underwear, and at the same time, strict quality testing and safety testing is needed.

5. Need product promotion and marketing

To sell sexy underwear on Taobao, product promotion and marketing also needs to be carried out.Interest underwear is a relatively personal product that requires sellers to make differentiated marketing strategies and innovative propaganda methods.You can attract consumers and increase sales by taking high -quality product pictures, writing excellent product descriptions, making high -quality videos, etc.

6. You need to pay attention to after -sales service

After -sales service is very important for the sales of sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is a kind of privacy. Consumers have higher requirements for the quality and safety of the product. If quality problems or other problems occur, consumers need to be resolved and responded in a timely manner.Therefore, after -sales service needs to be done well, you can join the after -sales service group or professional after -sales team, so that consumers can feel the excellent shopping experience.

7. Pay attention to legal risks and privacy protection

Selling sex underwear, while complying with relevant regulations and standards, also needs to pay attention to legal risks and privacy protection.For example, false advertisements and information must not be published, consumers’ privacy information must not be leaked, and sensitive vocabulary must be added to the product description.If an act of violating the rights and interests of others, it is possible to face legal lawsuits and compensation.

8. Discover the infringement behavior to protect rights in time

Taobao, as a fair and fair e -commerce platform, has good guarantee measures for buyers and sellers.If the seller finds infringement, for example, plagiarizing stores, product pictures, and even product names can pass the Taobao complaint channel or conduct rights protection.To protect your rights in time and protect your own interests, it can also safeguard the fairness and fairness of Taobao’s entire platform.


Selling sex underwear requires a lot of qualifications and requirements, but these requirements are to ensure the rights and interests of consumers and the interests of sellers.As long as the seller conscientiously abides by relevant regulations and standards, choose the appropriate channels and platforms to improve product quality and service quality, it will definitely become an influential seller.

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