What should I do if I ca n’t drive a car in sex underwear?


Whether you are a man or a woman, choosing the right sexy underwear will bring you an elegant and confident feeling.But sometimes, we may face the embarrassment of sexy underwear and the embarrassment of driving, especially with complex design erotic underwear such as buttons.Next, we will provide some solutions to tell you how to deal with these problems.

Use sex lingerie solution appliances

Interesting underwear solution is a small tool that helps you handle these embarrassing problems.For example, some underwear buttons are not easy to buckle. You can use a sexy underwear to solve the button to easily deal with the problem.

Enjoy the gym in sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear may hinder some movements, especially high -intensity exercise, such as running or skipping movement.In this case, you can choose to wear a sports bra or no trace underwear to provide better support and comfort.

Choose the correct sexy lingerie style

If your sexy underwear is not suitable for your body shape or wear occasion, it will cause many embarrassing problems.Therefore, knowing your body shape and activity type, it is important to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style.For example, when doing yoga, you can choose a strapless sexy underwear, which can better support your chest and provide better flexibility.

Confirm the size of sexy underwear

If you buy error -sized sexy underwear, it may cause the sexy underwear to be too tight or too loose.Too tight erotic underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also may cause physical discomfort. Too loose sexy underwear may cause falling, binding or folds.Therefore, it is important to ensure that it is important to choose the correct size of the size.

Use the protective milk pad to prevent leakage

Summer is the season of sweating. When wearing dark clothes, leaks may occur.In this case, you can use milk cushions to avoid embarrassing situations. This is a small tool that can help absorb sweat and keep the body clean.

Use sexy underwear to solve color transfer

Some sexy underwear may be discolored or transformed in color, which will make our skin color, which is a very embarrassing thing.There is a solution to use a sexy underwear, which can avoid the effect of sexy underwear on our skin.

Choose the right sexy underwear when riding a car

If you like to travel by car, choosing the right sexy underwear will be more important.Avoid choosing a sexy underwear with pain or scorching, you can choose a sexy underwear without steel. This can reduce the oppression and binding of the body.

Use sexy underwear cleaner

Sex underwear may not be cleaned with ordinary cleaner and soap.Choosing the right sexy underwear cleaner can help you clear the sexy underwear and maintain the freshness and sterile of sexy underwear.


Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for our self -feelings and image.Although some cases may cause us to be embarrassed, we can choose to use some small tools to solve these problems and choose the correct sexy lingerie style to adapt to our body shape and activity type.Through these methods, you can easily deal with various problems that break into sex underwear.

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