Where is the abandoned erotic underwear throw?

1. It is not easy to handle at home

Many women may have some problems after using sexy underwear for a long time, such as wear, loss, and fat.At this time, if you throw your sexy underwear at home, it may not only occupy space, but also may bring adverse effects such as odor and stains.

2. Clean treatment method

The correct treatment method is to clean the sex underwear, disinfect, and repair the damaged part.The specific cleaning treatment method needs to be determined according to factors, color, styles and other factors. It is recommended to clean up according to the guidance of the instruction manual at the time of purchase.

3. Secondary use

If the quality of sex underwear is good, but you can no longer use it, you can consider using it for secondary use.For example, donate unnecessary sexy underwear to charity, give it to relatives and friends, exchange to other people in need, and so on.

4. Donation of charity

Donation of sexy underwear to charity can help those who need help.For those who have difficulty in economical difficulties, sexy underwear can be a way they enjoy life.

5. Give friends and relatives

For sexy underwear that you don’t need, you can give it to friends and relatives.Of course, if the other party has not consent, do not forcibly give them to them to avoid embarrassment.

6. Exchange to other people in need

If some friends need sexy underwear, they can exchange them with them.This is good for both parties, which can not be wasted and can communicate experience.

7. Recycling treatment

If sexy underwear cannot be cleaned, repaired or used in secondary use, you can consider recycling it.At present, there are some professional recycling institutions that can be treated, classified, recovered or eliminated.

8. Lost treatment

If the sexy underwear can no longer be used or recycled, it can only be treated in garbage.However, it should be noted that for some special erotic lingerie, such as electrical sexy underwear, inflatable sexy underwear, you need to use a special method to deal with it.

9. Prevent waste

The abandoned erotic underwear is a waste of resources. Therefore, everyone needs to develop a good habit of not wasted.We can consider our actual needs when buying sexy underwear to avoid purchasing too much, too fancy, and unreasonable sexy underwear.

10. Conclusion

It is important to properly handle abandoned sexy underwear.We can use this method of cleaning, repair, secondary utilization, recycling, and loss of treatment to make full use of this resource.At the same time, in order to avoid waste, we need to develop good habits that do not waste resources.

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