Who is Tmall’s sexy underwear model?

Who is the sexy underwear model on Tmall?

When you search for sexy underwear on Tmall, you will find products of different styles, colors, brands and prices.Some products have detailed introduction and images, while others have left more space for the audience to come up with their imagination.However, you may be curious, who are these beautiful models and what do you do behind?

How to work for underwear models

First of all, what you need to know is that sexy underwear models are generally played by professional adult models or fashion models.Their work is different from ordinary models. They need to have more powerful expression and self -confidence, and can show themselves boldly in front of the camera.In addition to the outline of the body, they also need to have a deep understanding of the product in order to show the advantages and characteristics of the product.

Model selection criteria

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear model is a challenging task.Merchants will pay attention to the age, body, facial characteristics of the model.Models must conform to the product style of merchants, so merchants will choose the most suitable model for each product.

Models of literary style

Some erotic underwear brands are pursuing literary and connotative taste. At this time, they will choose models with high aesthetic capabilities and show the brand’s personalized style to attract those gorgeous and confident audiences.

Healthy and beautiful model

Other sexy underwear brands will choose healthy and beautiful models. They are well -proportioned and good -looking, and they are more suitable for showing health, natural, flawless beauty.Merchants believe that most women will accept the image of this model because they are more in line with people’s pursuit of nature.

Merchant considerations

Merchants need to consider the attributes and brand images of the product, as well as the background and purchase preferences of major consumers.For example, consumers may have different views on the choices of sexy underwear and models in urban and rural areas.Based on these considerations, merchants will choose models that meet the mainstream values to make it easier for consumers to accept products.

The role of sexy underwear models

The role of sexy underwear model is not just display products.They provide more details about product details, background introduction of merchants, and social media of merchants.This information helps brand propaganda, enhance the popularity of products and attracts the interests of the audience.

Models’ opinions and suggestions

Models know this industry and products better than others, and they can provide valuable opinions and suggestions for merchants.They can share their observations and consumer feedback with merchants to improve the quality of brands and products.In addition, models can also choose suitable partners and event cooperation projects for merchants.


In short, sexy underwear models are an important force. They show the perfect figure and "sexy charm" personality and brand.However, consumers should also distinguish the "packaging" of models and products, choose and use sexy underwear reasonably according to their needs, and enjoy their own fashion and confidence.

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