Will you buy a sexy underwear and send your wife?

Will you buy a sexy underwear and send your wife?

With the continuous improvement of people’s pursuit of sexual life, sex underwear as a tool that can improve sexual interest is becoming more popular.So, will buy a sexy underwear to send her wife to become an embarrassing or embarrassing experience?In this article, we will discuss this issue and provide you with some useful suggestions.

1. Clarify your motivation

First of all, you should ask yourself, why do you want to buy your wife to buy sexy underwear?Do you want to enhance the intimacy between you, or do you just want to try something fresh?If your motivation is the former, all you need to do is to respect her feelings and make sure she will not feel forced.And if your motivation is the latter, then you need to consider it well, because in this case, the behavior of buying sexy underwear may offend her.

2. Consider your relationship

The relationship between you and your wife will also affect whether you should buy a sexy underwear for her.If the relationship between you is very close and you have passed many spiritual and physical challenges, then this gift may make her feel that you care about her.However, if your relationship has not been completely established or there are some problems, then you need to be more cautious when you consider giving her sexy underwear.

3. Understand her preferences

Before deciding to buy your wife to buy sexy underwear, you need to understand her preferences and preferences.If she likes red and lace, then you should choose this type of sexy underwear.If she likes a more conservative style, then you should choose some lower -key styles.Don’t assume what she likes, because this may cause disappointment.

4. Reduce embarrassment as much as possible

If you decide to buy your wife to buy sexy underwear, then you need to minimize the embarrassment she may feel as much as possible.You can do gifts to her or create a relaxed atmosphere at home in a private place.In addition, make sure you give her a sexy underwear suitable for her body and comfort.

5. Don’t expect too much

Before buying a sexy underwear for your wife, you need to understand that this gift is actually a game that you play with her, instead of expecting her to have a stronger appeal to you.The relationship between you should not be based on the surface of appearance or sexy underwear.

6. Buy with her

If you are difficult to determine her preference or you want to make sure she likes your choice, then you can invite her to participate in shopping together.This allows her to choose the style and try to penetrate her favorite clothes, which is also a good way to strengthen your contact between you.

7. Respect her choice

Whether you and your wife decide to buy them together or you decide to buy sexy underwear for her, you need to respect her choice.If she doesn’t want to put on this gift, then you need to understand and don’t force her.

8. Full communication

In the end, it is also important that you need to fully communicate with her.Make sure she knows your motivation and purpose, and you also need to know if she wants this gift.Communication can not only reduce her embarrassment, but also eliminate your inner concerns.


It is a thing that needs to be considered to be given to his wife to buy sexy underwear, including motivation, relationships, preferences, embarrassment, expectations, and so on.If you pay attention to these factors and fully communicate with your wife, then this will be a fun way to enhance your connection and build a beautiful sex life.

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