Sex underwear chain franchise store ranking

Sex underwear chain franchise store ranking

Sex underwear chain franchise store ranking


As an emerging market, sexy underwear has a large profit space and a broad market prospect. More and more people have begun to devote themselves to them.But for the newbies who are new, it is very important to choose a good sexy underwear franchise store.This article will rank and evaluate some well -known sexy underwear franchise stores in China to help everyone make more wise choices.

Brand rank

We start from two aspects, on the one hand, the brand awareness, and on the other hand, the operating payment fee.In comprehensive two factors, the top five brands are currently in turn ** sex league stores **, ** love fun **, ** Meili fun **, ** love fate ** and night color sex ** ** ** ** ** **Essence

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Brand evaluation

** Fochi League Store **: Founded in 2013, headquartered in Shanghai, it is a leading domestic retail chain programs in China, and it is also one of the top ten sex products manufacturers in China.Cooperative stores are distributed nationwide, with reasonable franchise costs, and also scientific store planning. It is undoubtedly a good choice for entrepreneurs.

** Admire Fun **: Located in Shenzhen, is one of the top domestic sex product suppliers and retail chain brands. It has self -developed and production sex products. At the same timeImported products.It is also more experienced in seasonal promotion and promotion.

** Meili Fun **: The headquarters is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong. It has been developing for many years. Its product design style is fashionable and novel, and it is very popular in the market.In fact, the products sold by Meili are not as famous as those brands of other brands, but they have a high reputation because it has good prices and high cost performance.

** Huan Aiyuan **: Located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, it is a 18 -year -old sexy underwear chain franchise store in China. It belongs to one of the well -known old names. Cooperative stores are widely distributed throughout the country.Compared with several other brands, the investment cost of Huan Aiyuan is low, especially suitable for entrepreneurs who want to join but have limited funds.

** Night color sex **: The headquarters is located in Changsha, Hunan, and is one of the leading brands of domestic sex product chain.Compared with his sexual product franchise brand, geographical balance is more advantageous. The capital return period is generally about 6-12 months, so it is also a good choice.

Brand development prospect

In the market, brands first.After investigation, it is learned that at present, many brands of domestic sex lingerie chain (excluding sexual supplies) have better development prospects. HoweverMore practical experience and exploration.On the whole, the development prospects of front -line brands are more certain, but this does not mean that other brands have no major development space.

Franchise cost

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Before choosing the right sexy underwear chain franchise store, the budget was actually a very important consideration.What needs to be understood is different brands, and its franchise costs, deposits, advertising costs, etc. will be different.In the absence of economic strength and budget, small shops can choose to love love.In addition, comprehensive consideration from market positioning, product characteristics and sales models.

Brand management

In terms of brand management, different brands are not small.When choosing a franchise store, a full understanding of the brand management strategy will help franchise stores more calm management and management.In this regard, the sex league store performed well. The brand has a professional after -sales team and customer service personnel, which is a good choice worth trying.

Brand word

In the sexy underwear market, brand reputation is also an important reference basis for judging whether the brand can join.The corresponding information can be collected through various channels to analyze the brand’s market performance and word of mouth.A better sexy lingerie brand reputation. Compared with other brands, the relatively good word of mouth is lovely, charming, and night eroticism. It is worth trying more franchisees.

Supporting support

Entrepreneurs generally lack the experience of operation and management, so the support required in the operation process is even more important.The franchise schemes of different brands will also give different support, such as the assistance of the site selection and brand promotion.In this regard, Huan Aiyuan is also in a leading position in support.

Brand business model

In terms of business models, the differences between brands are also very large.When selecting the business model, you should analyze it in accordance with your own strengths, markets and storefronts to choose a brand that suits you.Here, the more recommended brand is Meili fun, because its business model is very mature, and the successful experience is rich.


Through the above rankings and evaluation and analysis of the brand, we can find that the brand in the domestic sex underwear market is booming, and the number of unlocked franchise stores has also increased year by year.However, it should be noted that before investing, we must fully understand the market conditions. Good reputation and brand management have important effects on improving market competitiveness and entrepreneurial success rate.