Sex underwear classification title

Sex underwear classification title

Interest underwear is an important choice for modern women, which can increase life interest, and also bring beauty and self -confidence to women.But for many people, the category and naming of sexy underwear are very confused.In this article, you will introduce you to some common sexy underwear categories, as well as their characteristics and suitable occasions.

1. Drain

The bras are the most basic and representative categories in sexy underwear.It is designed to support and shape women’s chest, which makes women’s chest line more perfect.The bras are usually divided into four types: full cup, half cup, one -third of the cup, and cupless cup, which can be selected according to the chest shape and personal preferences.

2. Pajamas

Pajamas are another important type of sexy underwear. It is usually soft, comfortable and warm.The materials of pajamas are usually soft silk or cotton fabrics. Sometimes the decorative details of lace or lace are added to the fabric, which allows women to maintain elegance and sexy when they are indoors.

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3. Grace panties

Lace underwear is an important type of sexy underwear. It is usually small, thin and full of feminine charm.It usually uses lace or silk as the main material, making women feel comfortable and sexy.Lace underwear is very suitable for special occasions at night because of plasticity and softness.

4. stockings

Stockings are another common type in sexy underwear, which makes women’s legs look longer and sexy.It is usually soft, light and comfortable, and there are many decorative details, such as printing, patterns and lace edges.Stockings are a great choice for night party and romantic dating.

5. Better clothes

As an important type of sexy underwear, it can make the figure look more perfect.The body is usually made of elastic fabric, which can be wrapped tightly on women, modifying the waistline and curve, making women more confident and sexy.

6. chest sticker

Breast paste is a special product that does not need to wear bras to paste on female breasts.The chest stickers are mainly used in clothing with back or waist.It has the effects of narrowing the area of the chest, improving the chest shape, shaping the chest lines, and enhancing self -confidence.

7. Through pants

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Through pants are relatively bold in sexy underwear.It can make women’s hip lines more picky and sexy.Thong pants are usually made of lace or silk, and can also be selected for different colors and printing.

8. Interesting orthodox clothes

Interest jackets make women look more sexy and charming.It is usually made of soft, light, and transparent materials, allowing women to be full of temptation and mystery at night.

9. bellyband

The bellyband is a traditional Chinese sexy underwear, which is usually made of satin or silk.It is usually designed with a waist covering the milk room, making women look more charming and sexy.

10. Tape -type sexy underwear

Tape -type sexy underwear is a relatively novel sexy underwear.It is usually designed on the body through tape, without any other support or elastic band.The special design of tape -type sexy underwear gives it a very artistic sexy charm.

Viewpoint: The classification name and style of sexy underwear are rich and colorful. Women can choose the type of sexy underwear that suits them according to their body and preferences to achieve the effect of rejuvenating confidence and enhancing self -charm.