Sex underwear model price standard

Sex underwear model price standard

Sex underwear model price standard


In the market, sexy underwear model is a very important part.For underwear brands, good models can make their products more attractive, bring higher sales and better reputation.So, what is the price standard of sexy underwear models?The following is a answer.

brand history

The brand background of sexy underwear is an important factor affecting the price of models.Big brands can usually pay higher models because their budget is more sufficient.Relatively speaking, the more niche brands can only pay the corresponding lower model costs.

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Model experience

The experience of the model is another factor that determines the price of underwear models.Experienced top models are much higher than newcomers.They have experienced countless shooting experience, both styling and expressions are more natural and smooth. These give the brand more credibility, so the price is higher.

Graphic Advertising and TV Advertising

Graphic ads and TV advertisements have an important impact on model prices.The shooting time of graphic advertisements is usually shorter, so the price is cheaper than TV advertisements.The pricing of TV advertisements is higher due to a wider range of communication, higher exposure and longer shooting time.


Obviously, the figure of the model is an important factor affecting the price.Most of the sexy underwear brands need to be very slim, well -known, and sexy models to endorse, so as to achieve the best results.In some special cases, if you need a special model or a large -scale underwear, you will pay a higher fee.

The fit of the model and the brand style

Whether the style of the model and the brand is also a factor affecting the price.For brands, the choice of models that are consistent with its style can better present their product characteristics and convey their brand concepts, thereby enhancing the brand awareness.This is why some brands spend higher prices when choosing models.

Place and nationality

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With the development of globalization, sexy underwear brands have also begun to enter the international market.However, the price of sexy underwear models in different countries and origin is also different.In some specific cases, attributes such as nationality, nation and language will also affect prices.

Shooting method and place

The way and place of shooting will also affect the price of underwear models.When shooting underwear, you need to consider multiple elements such as the environment, equipment and shooting time, which is also one of the factors that affect the price.

Market demand

Market demand is the ultimate factor that determines the price of sexy underwear models.If the market has a high demand for a model, their prices will gradually rise.If the market demand is insufficient, the price will decrease accordingly.


The above is the factors of the price standard of sexy underwear model.We can find that the price of underwear models depends on many factors such as brand background, experience, shooting methods and market demand.The final price is determined by the market.For consumers who like sexy underwear, these factors can also help them choose their favorite brands.