83 in Taipei sex underwear show

83 in Taipei sex underwear show

1 Introduction

In 1983, Taipei held a sexy underwear show that shocked the world. This show pushed the sexy underwear to the global stage and became the founder of sex fashion.

2. Female model features

The female model of the Taipei sex underwear show is tall, graceful, and soft waist, giving people infinite reveries, and the emancipating psychology of emancipating the love of the photographers with infinite inspirational materials.

3. Underwear material

The fun underwear material of this show is no longer traditional cotton or silk, but boldly tried various materials such as silk, lace, leather, and injected new vitality into sexy underwear.

4. Design concept

The design concept adopted by the Taipei sex underwear show this time is no longer a simple semi -naked, but to integrate sexy and art, making the design of sexy underwear more in line with women’s needs.

5. Color matching

The matching is no longer traditional black, red, and white, but creatively uses cold tones such as green, blue, etc., bringing people a different feeling and visual impact.

6. Stage effect

The stage effect of this show is perfect, full of modernity and romantic atmosphere, highlighting the unique charm of sexy underwear, making the audience love.

7. The venue environment

The show environment adopts innovative design methods. The use of large screens, light and shadow effects, modern technology and other factors creates an atmosphere full of future atmosphere, which even highlights the noble and elegant of sexy underwear.

8. Influence

The influence of the Taipei sex underwear show this time is inestimable. It not only caused a sensation in Taiwan, but also attracted much attention on the international stage, becoming one of the representatives of the entire fun underwear industry.

9. Subsequent development

Since the Taipei sex underwear show in 1983, the design, material, and matching of sexy underwear have undergone tremendous changes and progress, which has become part of modern women’s wear and leading the trend of fashion.

10. Summary view

In the 1980s, the sexy underwear show in Taiwan had a milestone. It brought a new breakthrough to the sex underwear industry.And part of cultural connotation.

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