Conquering sexy underwear model novels

Novel Actor on the Fantasy Stage

He is a novel writer, and his life is relatively bland.But one day, when he participated in a sexy underwear show, his life began to change.

Late -night model trial

After the show, he accidentally met a model who was trying to penetrate sexy underwear.She was beautiful, figure, and sexy that she couldn’t look away, and began to have some abnormal thoughts.


He accidentally got the opportunity to cooperate with this model to write novels, which will be an unprecedented opportunity in their lives.He decided to go all out and accompany the model all day for novels.

Know the sexy underwear industry

The contact with the model allows him to understand more information about the sexy underwear industry, and understand some details of the design, production and use of sexy underwear. All this is real in his novels.

firsthand experience

In order to better write, he also put on different types of sexy underwear and carried out his own experience.This process made him understand the use of sexy underwear and the feeling it brought more deeply.

Change of thinking

Through the interaction with the model, his way of thinking has been changed, and he began to change from a person who believes that sexy underwear exists for sex. It is transformed into a kind of underwear that feels sexy and confident in sex.

Return to writing essence

Through contact with the model and in -depth understanding of the life of professional sexy underwear models, he returned to the essence of the novel and created a touching novel with a touching and hearty novel from his heart, which is loved by readers.

Re -know yourself

In his interaction with the model, he re -recognized himself, and also realized that he actually had a lot of unknown side, which made him realize that the inherent value of the individual was more important than the superficial things.

in conclusion

Through this experience, the actor of the novel not only got his personal experience and knowledge, but also realized that the relationship between people was mutually and equal, and more importantly, he re -recognized himself.From a person who has no knowledge of sexy underwear to understanding and recognizing the cultural connotation of sexy underwear, this process has made him gain a lot, and also allows us to better understand the true connotation of the sexy underwear industry.

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