Dance area UP master wearing sexy underwear


In recent years, the live broadcast platform in the dance area has set off a trend of sexy underwear.Different styles and different materials are displayed in the live broadcast room in order, attracting the attention of many audiences.The phenomenon of UPs in the dance area is becoming more and more common.This article will analyze this trend in detail from the types, characteristics, suitable and unsuitable occasions, and unsuitable occasions, suitable and unsuitable, and unsuitable.


Interest underwear can be divided into multiple types according to styles, such as lace underwear, uniform underwear, underwear, transparent underwear, etc.The sexy temperament brought by different styles is not the same. It is very important to choose a style that suits you.


The characteristics of sexy underwear are sexy. They are usually exposed and transparent, making women show a charming and charming side.This underwear is designed to add clear visual effects in emotional and sex.

Suitable occasion

Wearing sexy underwear is usually in a relatively private environment, such as playing with partners, bed scenes or Valentine’s Day.Through sex underwear, women can show their sexy and increase the fun of sex.

Unsuitable occasion

Pay attention to wearing sexy underwear.It is inappropriate to wear sexy underwear in formal occasions and other formal occasions.This will be regarded as inappropriate and disrespectful to others, and in severe cases, it will even affect your social image.


If you want to wear sexy underwear, pay attention to matching.Select the color to match, and you cannot conflict with the color outside.At the same time, the outside can be a cardigan, a long coat or a tulle, etc., so that the sexy underwear can only reveal a little sexy.In terms of shoes and accessories, it is also outstanding to enlarge the attractiveness of underwear as much as possible.

Maintenance and cleaning

Interest underwear is a high -end and exquisite product, which requires appropriate maintenance and cleaning.Pay attention to the water temperature, color, and materials when cleaning to avoid fading or deformation.At the same time, do not use the washing machine for full -amount underwear. It is better to wash it by hand. After washing, dry it to avoid drying the sun.


To buy sex underwear, you need to choose from brand, size, material, style and other aspects.You must choose the brand and style that suits you, try to refer to the Chinese size standards as much as possible, and select products with high cost performance under the condition of ensuring quality.


Some sexy underwear is gender, such as traditional women’s and men’s clothing.Women wear men’s clothing is a fashion, while men wearing women’s clothing will cause certain criticism.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, pay attention to gender identification to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Display technique

Showing sexy underwear has skills to enhance its visual attractiveness.During the display, you must be confident, maintain a good figure at the same time, and show your best side.At the same time, pay attention to the attitude of the display, choose the appropriate method and angle, and avoid indecent or vulgar situations.


The impact of sexy underwear on husband and wife’s life and sex life is positive.Sexy underwear design enhances women’s confidence and attractiveness, which is of good benefits to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.But at the same time, sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to use occasions and matching to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary embarrassment.When choosing to buy sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the choice of brand, materials and styles to ensure your experience.

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