Fun underwear Office

Fun underwear Office

In today’s office, people gradually tried to break the traditional dress rules.The sexy underwear has stood out from the bedroom and the fabric wearing inside, becoming the first choice of countless women in the office.However, the guilt of sex underwear was still a obstacle for women wearing it, which is related to the conflict of traditional costume concepts.On this issue, let’s share some suggestions of modern women wearing sexy underwear in the office.

1. Wearing sex underwear requires confidence

Self -confidence is the key to wearing fun underwear.If you feel that you are not wearing well, wearing a sexy underwear in the office may make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.Therefore, make sure you improve your confidence before wearing underwear.

2. Consider the company culture

Although sexy underwear has become one of the more popular options, when wearing it in the office, the company culture is a key factor that needs to be considered.Please refer to the company’s regulations or consult your colleagues or superior leaders to ensure that your way of dressing will not affect the working environment.

3. Select the right size

It is very important to choose the right size, which is not limited to sexy underwear.The wearing of sexy underwear will be different. Different from casual clothing, it will be more personal, so be sure to ensure comfortable wear.

4. Choose sexy underwear that suits your style

Unfortunately, if you wear bad sexy underwear in the office, it will make you feel uncomfortable and cause other people’s discomfort.Therefore, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your style.

5. Analysis of tasks

According to the nature of work tasks, you can choose to choose to wear sexy underwear and choose from it according to the situation.For example, if you need a busy spirit and work in a tense working environment, wearing comfortable underwear is necessary.

6. Wear the right top

No matter what underwear you wear, you need to choose the right top.Some tops may be more suitable for sexy underwear, such as shirts or dresses, while some tops are not suitable, such as sports tops.

7. Choose the right color

A conservative color is a very important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Choose the color suitable for skin color, so that you can look more confident and will not be considered the name of the company.

8. Maintain underwear

In order to maintain the cleanliness and persistence of sexy underwear, you need to maintain it carefully.Make sure to clean according to the washing guide to maintain the appearance and performance of the underwear.

9. Respect others

Although sexy underwear is a personal option, you need to ensure that your wear will not make others feel uncomfortable, so you must respect the views of others’ sex underwear.

10. Summary view

When conducting office sex underwear, consider the company’s culture, work tasks, and your own degree of comfort.When you are confident and comfortable to wear sexy underwear, you will feel more comfortable and more effectively complete your work tasks.

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