He bought me a sexy dress for me

He bought me a sexy dress for me

He bought me a sexy dress for me

Interest underwear plays an important role in the life of husband and wife. Some special designs can not only increase sensory stimuli, but also enhance the fun of fun and sexual life.I have always been interested in sexy underwear, so when he bought me a beautiful set of sexy underwear, I was very happy.Here are my memories and feelings for this purchase.

Purchase of sexy underwear

He knew my preferences and knew very much about the needs of my body, so when choosing a sexy underwear, he focused on presenting my body curve, not just concerned about interest.We went to a underwear shop together, and I found that he was particularly confident when talking to the salesperson.He asked the salesperson’s designs to make me feel more sexy and which fabrics are more suitable for my skin.In the end, we chose a unique sexy underwear.

The right size

Plus Lace Chemise With Thong – Curvy – 17589

The design of sexy underwear is often different, so if the choice is not appropriate, it is easy to make the body out of discomfort.I am worried that the underwear will be inappropriate after buying home, but he will help me buy very carefully.He ensures that my size is more confident and comfortable.


The design of sexy underwear is the focus of purchases.Although the styles we buy are a bit unusual, it is very suitable for my figure, especially for the parts I want to show.The underwear is different from other clothing. The purpose is to inspire imagination and stimulate sensitivity.This special design makes me feel very sexy and special.


Like other underwear, the comfort of sexy underwear is very important.When I tried to buy underwear, they first checked their fabrics and the process.On the surface, underwear looks a little fancy, but their fabrics and design fully consider the comfort of the body, making me very comfortable to wear.


The design of sex underwear is not limited to the appearance, but also aimed at the senses.The fun underwear we buy stimulates my senses -soft texture, pleasant touch and special structural design.When wearing him to send me these sexy underwear, I feel like an attractive woman, which feels very wonderful.

Cooperate with other clothes

Another advantage of sexy underwear is to wear it with other clothes.For example, I used to tie one of the underwear on a black gauze and output the ball.While this design shows the beautiful curve of women, it is also very sexy.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Enhance self-confidence

Underwear may be a part of people’s wardrobe, but in fact, it can greatly affect a person’s confidence.When he gave me this set of sexy underwear, I felt that I could show my body more confidently.This sexy underwear makes me feel more beautiful, more sexy, and more pleasant.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear has an extremely important position in the life of husband and wife.When I received the set of interesting underwear he sent, I felt both a surprise, but also an unforgettable experience in life.As those designers who develop sexy underwear said, this underwear is not only facing the body, but an experience facing emotional and sensory stimuli.Its design and adopted fabrics are to make the wearer feel beautiful, dynamic, and sexy.In this sense, sexy underwear is to make people feel better.