How to tailor in sex underwear

What is sex lingerie tailor

Sexy underwear tailor is a technology that specializes in designing, production, improvement and adaptation of sexy underwear.By tailoring, the internal and sexy internal and sexy of the sexy underwear is ensured. At the same time, the size and special design are adjusted according to different needs.In this article, we will introduce you to some knowledge and skills of sexy underwear tailors.

The importance of measuring size

The size measurement of sexy underwear is an important step for the tailoring of sexy lingerie.Because different brands, styles and size tables may be very different.Therefore, before any erotic underwear tailor, the customer’s body size should be measured.If necessary, you can adjust the size table according to the body size of the customer.

How to choose the appropriate fabric

Choosing the right fabric is a very important step in the sex lingerie tailor, because the appropriate fabric can not only provide sufficient comfort, but also make customers feel sexy and confident when wearing.Common fabrics are silk, lace, tulle, elastic fabric, etc., and silk is the most common one.Because it is soft, smooth and sweaty.

Adjust the impact of the strap on the aesthetics

Some straps can make tremendous changes in the appearance of sexy underwear.For example, adjusting strap levels to make it lift the chest, which can make the curve of the entire body more beautiful.Another advantage of adjusting the strap is to better adapt to the body’s body shape.

How to adjust the size of the cup and ensure the appropriateness

Adjusting the cup size can make the product more suitable for the body’s body shape.The appropriate cup size can not only ensure comfort, but also improve the aesthetics of this sexy underwear.However, the appropriate cup size is difficult to determine.It is necessary to understand different styles and sizes, and ensure that the arc and dense of the cup are suitable for the body size of the customer.

Consider the improvement style design

Some customers may want to change the style of sexy underwear to meet their needs.In this case, you can provide suggestions and meet the needs of customers through improved design.For example, special thickness, vest -type shoulder straps, back zippers, composite materials, etc. need to be added.

details make a difference

The details of sexual feelings may determine whether it is suitable.The details include sutures, clavicle lines, cups and backs on the back, and the thickness of the side.You should carefully consider every detail to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

Treatment of special needs

Sometimes you may receive some special requirements, such as requiring specific materials, incisions, colors, etc.In this case, you should actively communicate with customers and take corresponding actions to ensure customer satisfaction.

check carefully

After the sex lingerie tailor is completed, be sure to check whether it is appropriate, at the same time, check its aesthetics, and confirm that there are no quality problems.If you have any problems, you should come back in time.


Interest underwear tailor is an interesting technology.As a sexy underwear designer, you must master some necessary skills and knowledge.This article provides some basic sexy lingerie tips, hoping that it will be helpful for your sexy lingerie tailor.

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