How to wear love underwear in love


Couples sexy underwear is a necessary choice to improve the relationship between couples and the quality of sexual life.Although they are private products, they are indeed accepted by more and more couples.


When choosing a couple’s sexy underwear, you must first consider the quality.After all, good quality underwear can give your skin the best protection, so that your skin can be taken care of.Secondly, consider whether this style is suitable for your body and body shape, if it is not appropriate, it will affect your wear experience.Finally, color and style are very critical, and choose according to your preferences and character.

Wearing skills

Couples’ sexy underwear wearing skills are crucial.First of all, pay attention to comfort, too tight or loosening will affect the wear effect.Secondly, pay attention to details, such as pay attention to the length of the shoulder straps and straps, and try to avoid too long or too short.In addition, it is best not to wear tight pants or body clothes in underwear unless it is particularly needed.

Common style

Common couples’ sexy lingerie styles include suspenders vests, linked suspenders, lace stockings suits, three -point style, sex Valentine’s Day set, etc.Various styles provide more choices for couples to meet the needs of different consumers.

Sling vest matching skills

The suspender vest is a common style of love underwear. It is very sexy and can be paired with leather pants or hot pants.You can choose to wear high heels to create a more sexy shape.

Skills with a sling skirt

The linked suspender skirt is another common couple’s erotic lingerie style, which is very suitable for women with thin figures.You can pair with high heels or sandals, depending on the occasions you are and your preferences.

Lei Bi Model Set Matching Tips

The laute socks set is a classic style in the love underwear, which is suitable for enchanting sexy women.If you want to be more seductive, you can choose to pair with black fine heels.

Fun three -point matching skills

The three -point style is a sexy and very fitted couple’s sexy lingerie style.It is suitable for all kinds of women and body shapes, and can create very exciting visual effects in the situation of interest.

Question Valentine’s Day Set Skills

Interest Valentine’s Day suits usually include a dress, socks and gloves.This is a very practical and beautiful couple sexy underwear, which can add more fun to the sexual life of the couple.

Maintenance skills

The maintenance of couple’s sex lingerie is very important, it is directly related to the life and use effect of underwear.First of all, pay attention to hand washing, do not use washing machines to avoid damage to fiber and fabrics.Secondly, use neutral detergents and adopt the correct drying method.In the end, it is best not to expose the sun to the sun to avoid the long -term sun exposure to the damage to the underwear fabric.


Couple sex lingerie is a must -have for couples to enhance their feelings and improve the quality of sex.When buying, wearing and maintenance, pay attention to some skills to achieve the best results.

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