Papering in rural areas

Papering in rural areas


Recently taking photos of sexy underwear in rural areas has become a trend.People are more and more likely to challenge themselves and create better visual effects in a challenging way.In this article, we will explore the skills, precautions and suggestions of shooting sexy underwear in rural areas.

Required device

To take photos of sexy underwear in rural areas, you need some equipment to ensure the quality of shooting.A high pixel camera, various lenses, tripods and lamps are essential equipment.

Venue selection

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The selection of venue is the key to shooting sexy underwear in rural areas.It is important to choose a venue suitable for shooting.It is best to choose some unique venues, such as beautiful nature, or rural path.This will add a little romantic atmosphere to your photos.


Regarding clothing, the choice of sexy underwear determines the effect of the picture.Young girls can try dark gauze sexy underwear, and mature women can try some high -end silk sexy lingerie.

Angle shooting

When you choose your clothing and venue, the next step is to choose the correct angle to shoot.In the shooting of sexy underwear, the angle is very important.You need to choose a suitable angle to highlight the beautiful curves and outlines of sexy underwear.


Another important aspect of shooting is light.Using the right lamps can help you capture clear and light photos.In the usual day, people can use the sun to take a soft and beautiful photo of the sun.

Shooting posture

Of course, the correct posture is also a very important factor.Girls with correct postures make people feel beautiful and charming.Therefore, girls must be confident and relaxed before shooting.Let the shooting girls open their arms, put out their favorite postures, and took perfect photos.


Post -processing

After you take the photos you need, you can use various post -processing tools to achieve perfect results.Adjust the parameters such as light, color, and contrast to improve the quality of the photo and make it look more beautiful.But don’t over -modify, you need to keep the authenticity and natural sense of the photo.

Propaganda and precautions

When posting photos, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Respect the privacy of the girl, do not disclose her name and photo; 2. Before publishing, there should be her permission;change.

in conclusion

To shoot sexy underwear in rural areas requires a lot of quality equipment and flexible skills.Only by correcting the venue, light, angle and posture, and using the appropriate equipment for shooting can we take beautiful photos.When publishing, we must pay attention to respecting the privacy of the girl and ensure that her permission is obtained.We hope that these techniques and suggestions mentioned in the article can help you better take photos of beautiful rural sexy underwear.