Season of sexy underwear sales

The arrival of sexy underwear sales season

Every year Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Qixi Festival are the peak season of sexy underwear.For sexy underwear merchants, this is the most important period of the year.What kind of sexy underwear can be successful during the peak season?

Popular style needs

Sexy and fashionable sexy underwear is the highest sales type.For women, choose a style that is consistent with your style to show his unique personality.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

Different women have different figures that need to be suitable for their sexy underwear.For women with full breasts, they need to wear bras with pads, while women with smaller chests can choose briefs with lace lace.

Fabric and quality

Fabrics and quality are also factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.High -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes can ensure the comfort of the wearer, and can still last long and durable after being washed multiple times.

Selection of sexy underwear color

When the color selection of sexy underwear, the light color series is often more popular.Pink, purple and light blue are good choices.Of course, in addition to these colors, black and red are also traditional choices for color.

High -quality after -sales service

The better the after -sales service, the higher the customer retention rate.In order to attract high -loyal customers, the shopping experience should be seamless.Merchants should ensure the timeliness of logistics and provide good return and exchange policies at the same time.

Outdoor advertising

Using outdoor publicity methods such as posters, leaflets, and on -site advertising can attract more people’s attention and increase brand awareness.In the peak season, accurate publicity and promotion methods are often crucial.

Use of social media

Use social media to promote the public’s awareness and purchase willingness to buy new products.It can attract more potential customers through social media release pictures, articles, and videos.

Employee training and guidance

Training and guiding employees should have a profound impact on sales.Employees need to understand the needs and preferences of each customer, and give professional suggestions and opinions.If employees lack professional knowledge, they should provide them with training to increase their understanding of sexy underwear.

Combined with e -commerce platform

In addition to physical stores, it is also very important to extend sex underwear sales channels to e -commerce platforms.Through the e -commerce platform, you can contact more consumers and increase brand awareness and sales.


In the peak season of sexy underwear, it is very important to understand consumer demand and preferences.Merchants should put customer needs first, provide customers with a good shopping experience and after -sales service to attract more customers and provide them with high -quality sexy underwear.

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