Sex underwear sales data

Sex underwear sales data

Overview of sexy underwear sales

In recent years, with the gradual opening of people’s attitudes to sex, sexy underwear has become a new generation of consumer goods in the market.According to data from market research institutions, the market size of the sex underwear market has shown an increase year by year, and the sales of sales have increased significantly.

Beauty sexy sheet

Beauty erotic underwear is the best sales of sexy underwear. Its style is bold and sexy, suitable for women who are confident and open -minded.Some lace, perspective and hollow elements are the characteristics of beauty sexy underwear.

Sexy lingerie

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Sexual feelings are popular with older female consumers.It is exquisitely designed, comfortable, and common colors are black and red.It aims to increase the charm and self -confidence of women.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sex lingerie is usually facing those who want to try new things, including husband and wife, couple, and single.Their materials are very interesting, including cotton, polyester, silk, etc., and some also have candy, beads and other decorations.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie pays more attention to quality and design. Their cuts are tight and exquisite in materials.American underwear has strong sexy factors, and European underwear pays more attention to self -cultivation effect and comfort.Therefore, the sales of European and American sex lingerie are also increasing.

Red color sexy underwear

The red -colored underwear aims to convey enthusiasm, desire and sexy to people, and express a strong information transmission.She is definitely the first choice for women who are eager to become sexy women.

Black color sexy underwear

Black is an elegant and mysterious color, showing a sense of security.It is like a declaration that implies that women’s sexy and confidence.Therefore, black underwear is the best sales of sexy lingerie.

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White sex shell

White sex lingerie has always been popular with young women.White represents purity and freshness, making women look cute.It can also act as wedding underwear on special occasions.

Full love sheet

Full love underwear is suitable for those attentive and gentle women.They often have heart -shaped, animal and other elements, making people laugh.Their colors are often soft tones such as pink and light blue.

Advanced sexy underwear

Advanced sexy underwear is not just used to increase the charm and beauty of women, they also have modification effects.These underwear often uses high -end materials, often hand -sewing, and reflects the luxurious texture with color matching and the use of popular elements.

details make a difference

When choosing sexy underwear, women should not only look at the appearance, and the inner structure and details are also very important.For example, gathering, adjustment, and easy penetration are practical details, which will affect the long -term dressing effect and comfortable feeling of underwear.


The best type of sales in the sexy underwear market is beauty sex underwear, followed by black and red underwear.The release of new models and experience comfort also has a positive effect on sales growth.When choosing underwear, you must not only consider the appearance, but also pay attention to texture, details and dressing feelings.