Sexy underwear Dading Video


There are many styles of sex underwear. Whether it is sexy lace, leather texture mature women, or cute cartoon printing, it has its unique charm.But how to make a sexy underwear at the fastest speed?This article will use a video demonstration to make the process of making sexy underwear.


The prerequisite for making sexy underwear is that there is a picture of underwear first, which can be obtained by downloading related materials and buying a sexy lingerie DIY set.Next, the tools that need to be prepared are sewing machines, needle wires, fabrics, chest pads, etc.

Cutting fabric

Cut off the printed underwear pattern, then put the fabrics and underwear patterns together, fix them together with a large head needle, and then cut out all parts of the underwear by cutting.

Sewing underwear

Next, start sewing each part together, pay special attention not to pinch the fabric.Whenever two parts are stitched, they need to be stitched together with dark sewing.On the basis of dark sewing, use a sewing machine to suture them.

Add chest pad

Add better breast pads in the front, side and lower part of the underwear to achieve the effect of improving the chest and forming a sexy curve.

Shoulder strap

Use the fabric to make two shoulder straps, and the length can be adjusted according to personal needs.Both ends of the shoulder strap need to be fixed with a straight needle.

Make strap

The fabric is basically the same as the strap fixing, but it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the strap should be corresponding to the length of the shoulder strap, otherwise it will affect the comfort of the underwear.

Embroidery decoration

If you want to make underwear more beautiful, you can consider adding embroidery decoration in the right place.Embroidery decoration can make the underwear look more delicate and advanced.

Exquisite processing

The last step is to perform exquisite machining underwear, especially at the edge of the underwear to be treated to avoid rolling or damage of fabrics.At the same time, the thread head needs to be trimmed.


Through the video demonstration of this article, everyone can clearly understand how to make a sexy underwear. Of course, this requires certain sewing skills and experience.However, as long as you try bravely, I believe you can easily make your favorite erotic underwear.

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