Sexy underwear elasticity

1. Elastic material

Interest underwear is a specially designed sexy clothing that is usually made of elastic material.A well -elastic fabric can adapt to different body shapes, while providing sufficient comfort and support, so it is very suitable for women with full body curve.

2. The difference between Europe and the United States and Japan’s sexy underwear

The design styles of European and American and Japanese sexy underwear are different. European and American sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and explicit sexy effects. Japanese sexy underwear generally pursues cute and pure effects, and its elasticity is different.

3. Use of elastic fiber

With the advancement of technology, elastic fiber is widely used in the production of sexy underwear.Some common elastic fibers include elastic gauze, spandex, polyamide elastic fiber, etc.The common point is that the elasticity of the material can be kept during the stretching process.

4. Rein spandex

DuPontamine is a high -quality elastic fiber, and it is also the most common sexy underwear material.The elasticity of DuPont aminotomy can be stretched to more than twice the original, and reuse will not lose its original elasticity.

5. Persist in hand washing

Although elastic fibers are durable, when using sexy underwear, pay attention to use hand washing to avoid putting it in the washing machine with other clothes.This helps protect the original elasticity of elastic fibers and extend the life of sexy underwear.

6. Don’t dry up

The elastic fiber of sexy underwear is easily damaged by the sun. Therefore, do not dry the sexy underwear in the direct sunlight. You can choose to dry it naturally in the shade.

7. Buy a size suitable for you

It is very important to choose the right size. Excessive size can cause underwear to be unable to wrap the body and lose the original elasticity.

8. Select different types of sexy underwear according to personal needs

There are many types of erotic underwear, and choose according to the types and needs to be interested in.For example, no trace -free underwear is suitable for tight clothes to wear, and triangle -trousers sexy underwear is more suitable for wearing in summer.

9. Different elasticity of different materials

Different materials have different sexy underwear elasticity, and some fabrics are very flexible. For example, DuPont amino ammonia common in sexy underwear, and some fabrics are less elastic, and they also need to choose according to their needs.

10. More suggestions for using sexy underwear

In addition to elasticity, you need to pay attention to the following points: Choose the style, color and size that suits you, perform correct cleaning and maintenance and avoid hair damage.

The best suggestion is to think twice when buying, take more examples and comments. It is best to choose regular brands and manufacturers. Do not blindly pursue low prices. For your own health and comfort, choosing the right sexy underwear must be very important.Essence

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