Sexy underwear in Street Fighter 5

Sexy underwear in Street Fighter 5

Sexy underwear in Street Fighter 5

In the fifth -generation game of the Street Fighter series, in addition to the two new characters Lila and Ederson and the original classmates, the appearance of other characters has also been updated.In these new styles, it is particularly noticeable that many female characters are wearing sexy sexy underwear.Let’s discuss the types and matching suggestions of these sexy underwear.

1. Pure -colored thong

In the game, there are some characters such as Chunli and Rage’s capital wearing red thongs, which are particularly sexy and very tempting.This kind of monochrome pants are very versatile and can be paired with different upper papers.If you want to create a sexy shape, you can choose to match a tight -fitting on -night fit.

2. Fine shoulder strap bed skirt

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There are also some characters in the game, such as Kalin, Chunli, and Shenyue, wearing sleeve skirts with thin shoulder straps, which are very suitable for use in the bedroom.This kind of sexy underwear can give people a gentle and charming impression, and at the same time, it is not characterized by ecstasy.You can choose to choose a color from black, red, white and pink to express your personality.

3. Hollow lace corset and G-String

In the game of Street Fighter 5, Menat and Kalin’s characters are wearing hollowed out lace corsets at the same time, with G-String to highlight their bodybuilding body lines.This kind of sexy underwear is not only suitable for wearing at night. If you dare to challenge, you can also choose to wear a jacket or trench coat during the day to wear this sexy underwear.

4. Pure colorless strap bray bra

In the game character, Cati and peppers are very sexy, and the jacket with a navel with a navel is very sexy.If you choose to wear this kind of corset in the summer, remember to match sunscreen, otherwise you will be sunburned.

5. Eagle frame -type jacket

This sexy underwear is very mysterious.In the role of the game, Aida, Double Ponyta, and Lisang Zhuo all wore this eagle -style conjoined underwear, full of sexy and mystery.This kind of sexy underwear is mostly black or red. If you want to highlight your feelings, you can match a sexy black stockings.

6. Animal patterns are exposed three -point style

This sexy underwear is mostly used in some sexy women.Angels, ES and other characters are wearing this sexy underwear in the game. They are sexy and charming.If you want to be domineering, you can choose to wear a pair of leather pants to match it. While it is sexy, you can also increase your cute atmosphere.


7. Transparent lace underwear

In the role of "Street Fighter 5", the most sexy and most loved by Chunli.She is wearing transparent lace underwear in the game, full of changing charm.If you want to achieve wild effects, you can choose a V -neck lace skirt and match a transparent high -heeled shoes to create your sexy shape.

8. Fairy -style sexy underwear

In the role of the game, some sexy underwear wearing Kalin’s dual ponytail and the future of Karin is also very interesting.These erotic underwear are mostly used in some Cosplay activities, allowing you to better enjoy game activities similar to Manzhan.At the same time, each of these sexy underwear is full of mysterious sweetness.

9. Sexy three -point underwear

In the game, many characters such as Miyuki Miyuki invaded the players’ attention in three points, and many players spent a lot of money to buy the corresponding DLC.These sexy three -point underwear are very sexy, revealing a mysterious tone that can meet women’s demand for family sexy underwear.

10. Compared with porn underwear

Judging from the character’s shape, the comparison of colorful and sexy underwear of the superhero players of the Morning Girls and the Women of the Long Ping family is also very distinctive. The contrast of the black and white color is very obvious, which is bright.If you don’t want to take too gorgeous routes, this sexy underwear is also a very good choice.


Interest underwear can meet women’s needs for underwear, and at the same time make women more confident and charming.In the street tyrant series, these sexy underwear can inspire the passion and enthusiasm of the players, and more importantly, it increases the fun of the game.We believe that in future games, sexy underwear will also become a major feature of game characters.