Sexy underwear men buy too much or girls

Sexy underwear men buy too much or girls

Introduction: The effect of sexy underwear on the proportion of men and women

Interest underwear is a special underwear that can add fun and enhance sexual life experience.Both men and women are attractive.But who is more popular among men and women consumers?Let’s discuss from the following perspectives.

1. Market status: Women’s heat is higher than men

From the perspective of market conditions, women’s sexy lingerie sales are much higher than men.The sales data of many domestic sexy underwear brands also show that women’s sexy underwear accounts for more than 90%of the entire sales volume, while men’s sexy underwear accounts for less than 10%.

Second, the purpose: obvious differences between men and women

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There are differences in the purpose of men and women when buying sexy underwear. Generally speaking, the purpose of women to buy sexy underwear is to enhance the feelings of sexual life, increase sexual interest, and thereby enhancing physical and psychological satisfaction.Men are more to use sexy underwear to irritate sexual desire and enhance sexual pleasure.

3. Brand selection: Women pay more attention to the brand

Whether it is male or female, there are certain brand preferences in the choice of sexy underwear.And women pay more attention to brands, choose reputable brands to buy sexy underwear, and believe that brands can ensure the quality and effect of the product, make themselves more assured, and enjoy better service and experience.

4. Types selection: men and women have their own love

According to folk data statistics, the types of sexy underwear for women include pantyhose, suspender shirt, sexy bra, lace nighttime, etc. The fun underwear used by men is mainly briefs and thongs.There are obvious differences in the choice of two gender when using sexy underwear.

5. Style design: unique demand for men and women

In the design of sexy underwear, men and women consumers will also have different needs.Women are more concerned about the color, style and detail design of sexy underwear, while men who buy men with sexy underwear are slightly monotonous. Generally, they choose dark and simple design underwear.

6. Online and offline: There are different ways to buy men and women

From the perspective of consumption, there will be some differences in men and women when buying sexy underwear.Women’s purchase channels are more inclined online. In contrast, men generally prefer to buy in physical stores.

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7. In terms of price: men and women are pursuing

Interesting underwear brands are very democratic in terms of pricing. Generally speaking, the price of good quality of sexy underwear does not exceed 500 yuan.However, due to factors such as brand differences, materials, and styles, there are certain differences in prices.For men and women consumers, they often pursue high cost -effective products when they choose sexy underwear.

8. Fashion pursuit: men and women are concerned about popular elements

To this day, sexy underwear is already a representative of fashion trends. It exposes personality and pursues popularity. It has received widespread attention among men and women consumers.Regardless of men and women, convenient, beautiful, and fashionable sexy underwear has been favored and welcomed by consumers.

Conclusion: There are different demand for consumers of men and women, and brands should vary from person to person

In summary, from all perspectives, when men and women consumers choose to buy sexy underwear, there is a significant difference in demand, and the selected products are also different.For sexy underwear brands, there should be more different demand for the population, and targeted positioning and promotion should be carried out.