Sexy underwear model interview standard men

Sexy underwear model interview standard men

Sexy underwear model interview standard men

1. Observation

A sexy underwear model requires good observation, which can accurately determine whether the body line meets the design requirements of the clothes.During the interview, it is necessary to check whether it has sufficient observation.This can be realized by requiring it to observe and describe the details of a product.

2. Physical

Interest underwear models need to have a slim and healthy figure to show the effect of clothes.Therefore, physical fitness is a very important assessment factor.During the interview, it can be required to conduct simple physical fitness tests, such as push -ups, upper torn, abdominal muscle tear, etc. to examine whether its physical fitness is up to standard.

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3. Body ratio

The body proportion of sexy underwear models needs to meet certain standards.For example, the ratio between height and weight should be balanced, and the ratio of shoulders and hips should also be appropriate.In the interview, it can be required to perform a whole body measurement and analyze it to determine whether its body proportion meets the standard.

4. Dressing effect

A sexy underwear model needs to wear clothes beautifully, sexy but not wanton.During the interview, it can be asked to try on several types of sexy underwear to examine its dressing effect.The clothes need to be in line with the body proportion and are perfectly fixed on the body.

5. Expression

Interest underwear models need to have excellent expressiveness, and they can express their advantages in the clothing freely in front of the camera.During the interview, it can be required to perform simple dance or performances to examine its expression.

6. On -the -spot response

The sexy underwear show often requires a model to show a better state without being tense.In the interview, you can evaluate his on -site response capabilities through the scene of situation exercises or simulation underwear shows.

7. Professional knowledge

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Interest underwear models need to have certain professional knowledge for the sexy underwear they wear, and they can provide customers with professional advice.During the interview, you can examine his understanding of sexy underwear and the ability to answer common customer needs.

8. Cooperation consciousness

Sex underwear shows often require multiple models to complete, and they need a good awareness of cooperation.In the interview, you can inspect his cooperation capabilities through multiplayer cooperation exercises.

9. Model image

Sex underwear models need to maintain a good personal image.During the interview, you can examine whether its image meets the requirements from the aspects of appearance, dressing, dressing.

10. Self -confidence and charm

Interest underwear models need self -confidence and charm, can show their charm and attract customers’ attention.During the interview, you can investigate from his speech, degree of self -confidence, and temperament.

In short, choosing an excellent sexy underwear model requires its observation, physical, body proportions, dressing effects, expressiveness, on -site reactions, professional knowledge, cooperation awareness, model image, self -confidence and charm and other factorsEssenceOnly all these elements are ready to have the opportunity to become an excellent sexy underwear model.