Sexy underwear model touches money and add money

Sexy underwear model touches money and add money


Interest underwear, as a sexual hint, has always been favored.In the underwear modeling industry, some people will use their identity and career advantages to provide additional services and charge the price increase fee. The most common scene is "touching the money."This behavior not only has a negative impact on the underwear industry, but also contrary to professional ethics and specifications, and needs to attract sufficient attention.

The phenomenon of the underwear model touched the money to add money

In the process of contacting the underwear model and customer, it is easy to happen.Because sexy lingerie can bring stronger sexy and hints on the body, some customers want to feel the material, texture, and the lines of the model body in more deeply.If the model agrees with customers, it will charge an additional price increase fee.This behavior will cause economic unfairness to consumers to a certain extent, and it will also affect the reputation of the entire underwear industry.

The quantity and price of the price increase

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Different underwear models have different quantities and prices.Some models will collect fifty yuan to touch, while others have higher prices.Some models even perform price increases every day because they think this is a good way to make money.However, this method of earning additional benefits can easily lead to illegal and illegal acts.

Models are constrained by employers

In most cases, underwear models earn benefits through intermediary companies and foreign exhibition temporary workers.In such a working environment, models have become a product of employment relationship, and they need to comply with the constraints and regulations of employers.These regulations include not providing any additional services to customers, and any violation of the regulations will be lifted and facing accountability.However, some models will still adventure to earn more money in violation of regulations, which will cause great damage to the image of themselves and the industry.

Influence of consumer mentality

For those consumers who are curious and fun, the price increase has become a kind of existence.They can know that this behavior is illegal, but they are still willing to try. Some people even regard this behavior as an experience with their own unique privacy.

Legal issues of increased price

The increase in price not only violated business ethics, but also violated the law.In my country, according to Article 54 of the "Public Security Management Penalty Law", no one can provide pornographic activities services. At the same time, according to the "Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China", domestic advertisements must not interfere with social public order, and have bad customs. Pay false or concealment of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens or social groups.

The underwear industry needs to be changed

The underwear industry needs to take this opportunity to reflect and change itself.Underwear manufacturers should launch more exquisite, stylish and good quality underwear styles, while enhancing the design and stickiness, reducing consumer’s curiosity and impulse consumption.In addition, the underwear industry should strengthen supervision. For professional personnel such as underwear models, their professional ethics should be strengthened and the rules and regulations should be strengthened.Through these methods, this phenomenon can be reduced to a certain extent.


Consumers should be more rational

Consumers should also be aware of the improper behavior of touching the price.Not only that, buying underwear should also have its own clear consumption concept, maintain rationality and calmness, and avoid being affected by various speculation, publicity and temptation during the consumption process.Only for consumers to truly understand the daily wear of underwear and the nature of the brand, can we better enjoy the underwear, which is suitable for sexy and comfortable women’s clothes.

in conclusion

The increase in price increase is not only a lack of commercial ethics, but also illegal acts that violate the law.The underwear industry needs to change its own image and improve the quality, design and production process of the underwear itself.Consumers need to establish a more rational and clear consumption concept, keep calm, and avoid being affected by the consumer environment around them.Strengthen supervision and improve professional ethics and social responsibility is the key factor in solving this problem, leading the underwear industry into a healthier track.