Sexy underwear models seriously glow

Sexy underwear models seriously glow

Severe light triggers controversy

Recently, a fashion show of a sexy underwear brand was held in a city, but an embarrassing thing happened during a model -seriously.This scene not only triggers the embarrassment of the audience, but also caused heated discussion among the media and netizens.

Lack of professional training

Some people think that this lighting incident is because the model lacks professional training.For special clothing such as sex underwear, professional catwalk training is indispensable.Only by mastering the correct posture and walking posture can we better show the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.

Brand responsibility

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Others believe that this lighting incident has a lot to do with the brand.As a sexy underwear brand, they should strictly check the details of the model and the quality of clothing to ensure that each link is complete.

Wearing comfort

For women, the comfort of wearing is very important.Especially when the show, clothing must make the model feel comfortable, otherwise the posture and walking posture will be affected.The brand should communicate with the model in front of the show to ensure that everyone can get the best dressing experience.

Choose the right underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, and each person’s body characteristics are different.When choosing sexy underwear, the brand should be selected according to the characteristics of the model to ensure that there will be no errors such as glowing.

Check the details

Every detail should be checked carefully before the show.Especially in the cutting and weaving of underwear, we must be very careful.Any flaw may lead to the occurrence of lighting.

Strengthen logistics support

The brand should also strengthen the management of logistical support.Ensure that the lights and audio equipment of the venue can operate normally.During the catwalk, the logistics staff should also follow the whole process and make preparations for dealing with emergencies at any time.


Doubt of the media and netizens

Although the erotic underwear brand made apology and compensation for this lighting incident, the media and netizens still questioned the brand’s side.Some people think that this time the lighting incident was caused by the brand’s deliberate hype for marketing effects.Such ideas will have an adverse effect on the brand image.

The correct brand marketing method

As a brand, marketing should be properly carried out.In a carefully planned promotion plan, negative events should be avoided as much as possible.In addition, the brand should establish the correct marketing concept and attach importance to its own brand image and reputation.


In summary, the sexy underwear brand should strengthen the investment in internal management and brand marketing.Only by doing these aspects can we better display the advantages and charm of the brand and attract more consumers’ favor.