Sexy underwear opening large size

Sexy underwear opening large size

Why does the opening of the gear big -size sex lingerie have attracted much attention

In recent years, the opening large -size sexy underwear has attracted the attention of female consumers. It has a variety of styles such as lace lace, high waist and thin belly, fish net and practical wear. Among them, the more common ones are open crotch pants and spouses, because they can provide convenienceAt the same time, it can make women more sexy and charming, becoming a necessary sexy underwear for sexy goddesses.On the other hand, the opening large -size sexy underwear also attracted more unconventional female groups to join it, opening a new wave of sexy and gender boundaries.

What is the opening large size sex lingerie

The opening large -size sexy underwear is mainly composed of fabrics, design styles, lining fiber, etc.The design of the open underwear is usually left with a part of the mouth or the place where the lower part of its lower part is facilitated to perform hygiene and sexual behavior.Large -size sex lingerie is an in addition to the size of the clothing size. In particular, it is considered that more women need large size.Combined with these two designs, the opening of the big size sexy underwear should be born, which is more fitted with the needs of the user.

The purpose of opening a large size sexy underwear

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Opening gear big -size sexy underwear is mainly for two major needs: sex and daily wear.In terms of sex, it has a strong function that allows users to facilitate sexual behavior at any time.Its diversification in daily wear has also become the favorite of women today from day to night, and even when they participated in party.

Selection of fabrics

Regarding the choice of fabrics for opening a large -scale sexy underwear, it is very important. On the one hand, it is necessary to fit and comfortable with the exposed body skin. On the other hand, it also needs excellent breathability and does not produce odor during use.Of course, the fabric is also elastic, durable and reused.

Style choice

The style of opening a large size sexy underwear varies from person to person.According to the personal style of women, you can choose different styles freely.For example, fish net -type underwear will be more sexy, and transparent fabrics will also add color to the visual in sex; and the practical style considers the various needs of women’s daily life, such as thin belly, high waist, sweat absorption and breathability, etc.Essence

Common sense

When using the opening large size sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some details. For example, when washing, you should not use too high temperature or bleach to clean it to avoid destroying its fabrics and lighting effects.Causes deformation and rupture of underwear.


When being selected for buying a large -size sexy underwear, for most women, the quality and quality services of brands and products are preferred.For some groups, they pay more attention to the styles and price factors of the underwear itself.The most important point is that you must buy the appropriate size according to your body size and body size. Only in this way can you feel the charm and comfortable dressing experience emitted by the opening large -size sexy underwear.

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The service life of the large -scale sexy underwear is usually long, but it also requires some proper maintenance.When storing, it is recommended to place the underwear in the wardrobe to avoid twisting and squeezing and cause damage to the fabric.When the weather is hot, it is also necessary to avoid such high temperature and harsh environment, so as to avoid problems such as the discoloration of fabric deformation due to oxidation and UV radiation.

Matching different occasions

The matching scene of the opening large -size sexy underwear is very diverse.According to the needs of women in all ages, unmarried women can choose sexy costumes with underwear, and married women’s groups also need to avoid too frivolous or even reveal too much. With the appropriate clothing, they can reflect their elegant temperament.

Open gear big size sexy underwear catering trend

Although the opening large -scale sexy underwear is not popular in the traditional market, under the promotion of WeChat merchants or private businessmen, it has turned into a good opportunity for the pornographic industry to transform from basic adult products and sex toy stores.At the same time, it also overturned people’s stereotypes on sexual supplies and sexy underwear, and opened new gender, love, physical and artistic interaction and ideological collision.


The opening large -scale sexy underwear not only meets the needs of sex, but also improves the body height and sexy index, so it is highly sought after in the market.However, instructing female friends to use and maintain sexy underwear correctly, and more transmitting the scientific and healthy life concept should also become the common responsibility of our public.