Sexy underwear production

1. What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear that strives to pursue sexy and sex.It is usually made of strange materials, such as silk mesh, lace, leather, or other innovative fibers, and show some unique features, such as shedding attachments, straps, hook buckles, and so on.These designs and materials can usually stimulate physical desire and rational control.

2. Sexy underwear design

The design of sexy underwear often adjusts the body curve, covers or displays each part.Their design inspiration usually comes from music, movies, history, or sex games.Some erotic lingerie, especially in the European and American markets, is particularly popular because their design is very innovative and risky.For example, when some models are wearing a sexy lingerie, their chests will be revealed. Such underwear design rarely needs to cooperate with the bra, which is very tempting.

3. Quota underwear type

Interest underwear can be divided into multiple types, including but not limited to:

Chemical Fiber


Horn sleeve



Interest underwear can also be subdivided according to the needs of design and function, such as increasing the appearance of the chest, helping the chest, and so on.

4. Process process

The process of making sexy underwear is usually more complicated.First of all, the designer needs to transform the design idea into a actual paper model or prototype, and after being improved and selected, the sample is finally set.Then prepare the corresponding materials according to the sample, including fabrics, pads, plastic hooks and other ingredients.Textile machines further process the fabric processing, cutting, sewing edges, etc. The final finished product will be dyed, printing, etc.

5. Material selection

For sexy underwear, the choice of materials is very important.The materials must be comfortable, with a certain degree of stretching, waterproof, breathable, lingering and regenerative ability.Therefore, the choice of materials for cloth, silk, etc. are more flexible, excellent touch and durability.At the same time, the material of the additional device also needs to consider what kind of skin contact will be.

6. How to choose sexy sheets

It is a wonderful experience to wear sexy underwear.Choosing a sex and personality sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and personality can become more interested.First of all, you should understand your figure and buy sexy underwear suitable for your body. At the same time, consider color, style and texture.You should also consider your preferences and needs and try it carefully to see if it is comfortable and natural.Finally, you should also pay attention to how to maintain and clean the sexy underwear.

7. How to maintain

How to maintain sex underwear?First of all, pay attention to the erotic underwear cannot be washed with other items.Secondly, you can use professional cleaning supplies to clean it in time, and avoid direct sunlight, and you cannot put it in the dryer to dry.If there are some conventional problems such as relaxation, lodging, and ball, you can send it to a professional dry cleaning shop or designer.

8. The price of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear is usually very high, because compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear has higher personalization and exploration.On the surface, who will spend hundreds of dollars to buy a set of underwear, but in fact they are also a way of consumption. This consumption method is designed to create a unique and sexy experience while providing more fun and possibilities.The price positioning is different. Although there is not much difference in quality, it is unique in providing novel experience and imagination.

9. Sex underwear market

The market size of the sexy underwear, and the high price also means that the market’s general income is high.The sex underwear market also benefits from the rise of online sales.More and more young people are aware of the superiority and enjoyment of sexy underwear, which also promotes new trends and new standards.Interest underwear is not only facing diverse body shape and physical requirements, but also takes into account personalization, brand value and consumer communities.

10. Conclusion

As a sexy underwear and clothing, sexy underwear is a reflection of creativity and imagination, and provides a wonderful experience and sex.Today’s sexy underwear can not only make people feel full of attention, but also serve the production in a diverse manner through the standards of style, brand, price, gender.It provides innovative solutions for consumers’ material needs, emotional needs, and fun needs. It is a profound creative, humanized, exploratory and personalized underwear.

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