Sexy underwear shooting tidbits

Sexy underwear shooting tidbits

Preparation before shooting underwear shooting

In order to take a set of beautiful sexy underwear photos, preparation is very important.First, you need to prepare photography equipment, such as cameras, lenses, lamps, reflective boards, etc.Secondly, the appropriate venue must be a studio, indoor space, outdoor, etc.Furthermore, to determine the selection and shape of the model, this needs to be matched according to the style, characteristics and design of the sexy underwear.Finally, the issues of post -processing and map repair must be considered.

The theme of conceived sexy underwear shooting

The design and style of sexy underwear are diverse, and the sources of inspiration are very extensive.Therefore, before shooting, you need to determine the theme and style of conceived.The theme ideas can be performed according to the seasons, colors, materials, etc., such as sexy summer, red temptation, feather romance, etc.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

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When shooting, it is also very important to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style.According to the model, characteristics and cooperation of the model, select different design, color, materials and other sexy lingerie styles.

Choose models and makeup stylists

The choice and makeup style of models are also an important factor affecting the shooting effect.According to the sexy and seductive characteristics of sexy underwear, you should choose suitable models, and cooperate with the appropriate makeup and shapes to highlight the charm and beauty of sexy underwear.

Master the skills of light use

The use of light is vital to the shooting of sexy underwear, and the quality of light directly affects the clarity and layering of the photo.Therefore, you need to master the skills of light use, and choose the appropriate lighting, angle and strength for shooting.

Make the atmosphere, adjust the feeling of shooting

The shooting of sexy underwear needs to create a special atmosphere to highlight its sexy and charm.It can create a suitable atmosphere through music, perfume, color, etc., let the model relax naturally, and feel sexy, confident and charming.

Reasonable use of the shooting angle and lens effect

In the shooting of sexy underwear, the shooting angle and lens effect are also very critical.Different angles and effects can highlight the different characteristics and aesthetics of sexy underwear, making the photos more vivid, interesting and amazing.


Camera settings and shooting skills

The setting and shooting skills of the camera are also aspects that need to be paid attention to in sex underwear shooting.Set up cameras according to different light, scenes, angles, and characteristics, and use reasonable exposure and metering to shoot.

Post -processing and trimming

The post -processing and trimming of sexy underwear are also very critical.You can use software such as PS to perform color adjustment, sharpness, tailoring, etc. to make the photos more vivid, clear and layered.


The shooting of sexy underwear requires extensive knowledge and skills, including knowledge and skills in many aspects such as photography, art, clothing, and makeup.Only by comprehensive use of these aspects of skills can we take beautiful, sexy and attractive sexy underwear photos, showing the charm and beauty of sexy underwear.