Sexy underwear Vietnam

Sexy underwear Vietnam

How does sex underwear Vietnam formed

Interesting underwear Vietnam is formed with the opening of this country. Since Vietnam has joined the WTO, foreign trade has been out of control. Various sexy underwear brands from foreign countries have poured into the Vietnamese market.And development.

The status quo of Vietnamese sex underwear market

Vietnam’s sexy underwear market has continued to maintain rapid growth, so the market size has exceeded $ 500 million, and the market size of the sex underwear market in the future will continue to expand.

The most popular Vietnamese sex lingerie brand

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The most popular brands in the Vietnamese sex underwear market are Jolie Femme, Honey, Charm, Summer, and Anais.

The main consumer group of Vietnamese sex underwear market

The main consumer groups in Vietnam’s sex underwear market are young women and middle -aged and elderly women.However, the consumption of men’s sexy underwear products is also growing.

Vietnamese sex lingerie style and material

Vietnamese sexy underwear has different styles and materials. From basic bras, sexy underwear, sexy underwear to more unique dresses, wedding dresses, bright and dazzling colors, and soft skin -friendly suit styles.In terms of materials, common ones are lace, silk, polyester fiber, etc.

Vietnamese sexy underwear popular style

The popular styles of Vietnam’s sexy underwear market include lace and transparent dresses, as well as sexy split underwear, hollowed out daily underwear.

Vietnamese sex underwear market development trend

The future development trend of Vietnam’s sex underwear market is increasingly biased towards the brand’s competition, and it has vigorously promoted in line. At the same time, it has increased investment in advertising and promotional strategies.

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How to choose Vietnamese sex underwear

Choosing sex underwear should consider your body characteristics, occasion, personality and style and other factors.The more you know your body shape, you can better choose the sexy lingerie style and size that suits you.

Vietnamese sex underwear maintenance

Sex underwear requires special maintenance. It should follow specific washing instructions to avoid severe friction and deformation.At the same time, we should avoid sun exposure and high temperature occasions.

Vietnamese sex lingerie price

Vietnam’s sexy lingerie prices are different. The price of general brand sex lingerie is between 100 and 3 million Yue South Dun, while high-end brand sexy underwear can reach more than 7 million Vietnam South Dun.

personal opinion

In the face of complex and diverse sexy lingerie styles, we should insist on choosing the right one instead of blindly pursuing the trend.For Vietnam’s sexy underwear market, we believe that more and more brands will join, and we will inevitably become more popular.