Sexy underwear Water Hand Server COSPLAY

Sexy underwear Water Hand Server COSPLAY


With the continuous deepening of interest culture, more and more people have begun to understand and expose sexy underwear, and one of the classic styles -the sailor clothing Cosplay has become one of the objects of enthusiasts.This dress has the characteristics of cuteness, sexy and vitality, and is popular in sex parties, role -playing activities, Halloween and other occasions.

The origin of sailor clothing Cosplay

Sailor clothing COSPLAY originated in Japan. It is a cute and sexy clothing dress, commonly in Japanese comics, animation, games and movies.This style is usually composed of a short top, a short skirt, a belt, and a small hat with a red ribbon.Sailor clothing COSPLAY has a wide range of influence in secondary culture, and gradually becomes popular worldwide.

Suitable body

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Sailor clothes COSPLAY’s tops and skirts are usually close -fitting styles, and they need to be suitable for the best display effect.It is recommended that the crowd of COSPLAY in the water player clothing has a curved body and a long -legged woman, but it is not suitable for people with thick figures and thick legs.

color match

Sailor clothes Cosplay usually use white as the background to set off white skin.At the same time, red is a classic color. With classic sailor clothes, it can better show the characteristics of cute, playful and sexy and charming.In addition, colors such as black and blue are often used.


Sailor clothing COSPLAY is often equipped with various accessories, such as stockings, high heels, ribbons and gloves.Stockings make the legs longer, and high heels can perfectly show women’s figure.Ribbon and gloves can increase cute elements and make the overall dress better.

suitable occasion

Sailor clothing COSPLAY is suitable for various interesting occasions, such as sex parties, role -playing activities, Halloween, uniform temptation, and so on.This dress makes people look young, energetic, cute and sexy, making people more fascinated and attractive to you.

How to wear

When wearing a waterman clothing Cosplay, you need to pay attention to some details.First of all, to ensure the size and appropriateness of the jacket and short skirts, do not be too tight or loose.Secondly, you need to support the chest through the appropriate underwear to make your chest more upright and moving.Finally, with accessories such as stockings and high heels, the overall dress is more perfect.


Classic styling recommendation

There are many classic styles of sailor clothing COSPLAY, such as cute and playful cute dressing, sexy and charming temptation shapes, fresh and sunny shapes.Each shape has its own unique style, and you need to choose the right style according to your preferences and occasions.

With suggestions

In order to achieve the best results, it is generally recommended to match the sailor clothes Cosplay with other clothing and accessories.Such as cute headdress, backpack or handbag, fresh flowers, shawl, bow, etc., can make the overall shape more vivid.


Sailor clothing COSPLAY is a classic style in sexy underwear, which is suitable for various fun occasions. With its cuteness, sexy, and vitality characteristics, more and more people are welcomed.Through correct wearable skills and matching strategies, you can perfectly show your charm.