She was forced to put on a sexy dress

She was forced to put on a sexy dress

1. The reason for wearing a sexy underwear

Sometimes women are forced to put on sexy underwear. There are many reasons. Some are to meet the sexual needs of their partners, some are driven by their own curiosity, and some are because of professional needs.This article will focus on the story of wearing sex underwear due to professional needs.

2. Her job

Xiaoyun is a model who has advertised for major underwear brands.This job is what she dreams of, but she is very confused about some special underwear advertisements.The underwear style in the advertisement is very different from ordinary underwear. They are more sexy and more exposed, and they seem to have no main functions -except that they are not transparent on the bed, the difference between underwear and most ordinary underwear is not obvious.

3. Underwear trial

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When her first underwear was tried on, Xiao Yun changed to a underwear she had never worn: a black transparent lace underwear suit, including bra and underwear.The design of the underwear is very strange, which is completely different from the ordinary underwear she knows.In the process of trying, Xiao Yun was very uncomfortable.She felt that underwear was extremely exposed, and she had never thought of this way.

4. The purpose of underwear

She began to think about what the purpose of this underwear was.At this time, the deputy director told her that this underwear was completely designed to meet the needs of men, and its purpose was to make men feel excited."It shows that this underwear has a good visual effect in the advertisement, and it is easier to attract the attention of the audience." Vice director said.For Xiao Yun, this idea is very uncomfortable, but she cannot refute.

5. Her psychological change

Slowly, Xiao Yun was used to wearing this underwear.Although she was always disturbed, she began to adapt to the feeling of this underwear and even became confident.She noticed that men’s reactions when they saw underwear, which made her feel praised and appreciated.

6. The impact of underwear on life

Over time, Xiao Yun found that this underwear had an impact on her life.She began to pay attention to her body, paying more attention to what underwear should be worn in different occasions, and how to show her body best.Wearing different underwear began to affect her emotional and psychological state, and she was always paying attention to her appearance and sexy.

7. The impact on couple relationship

In addition, Xiao Yun’s underwear has also begun to affect the relationship between her and her partner.She found that when she put on this sexy underwear, her partner was more enthusiastic and appreciated by her.This erotic underwear inspired her sexual impulse and passion between her and her partner.


8. Unconsciously forced

Slowly, Xiao Yun felt that she seemed to be forced to put on this sexy underwear. She no longer considered which underwear was more suitable for herself. It only considered which underwear could attract the attention and appreciation of others and more sexy.She began to unconsciously cater to the ideas of others, not her own values.

9. How to deal with this situation

Although this situation is common, it should not accept it.A woman should pursue a real self, not to meet the needs and ideas of others.She should accurately understand which underwear is suitable for herself, and only put on underwear that makes herself feel comfortable and confident.When women put on underwear, she should consider her own value and taste, not just the reaction of others.

10. Summary

The problem of wearing a sex lingerie shows us how to deal with the balance between others and their expectations.When women wear underwear, she should keep in mind her values and always pursue true self, rather than to cater to others or obtain others’ reactions.In this way, she can truly feel sexy, rather than just feel sexy visually.