Shenzhen shooting lingerie scam reveals the secrets

Shenzhen shooting lingerie scam reveals the secrets


In recent years, with the gradual opening of sexual culture, the sexual product industry has developed rapidly.In Shenzhen, the sexy underwear market has gradually heated up. However, there are some scams in the market in the market, and many consumers have suffered economic losses.This article will reveal and peak the Shenzhen shooting underwear scam.

Crac means 1: false low price

Some bad merchants have attracted consumers at the price of "brand special sale" and "high -quality and low -priced" by promoting the so -called "brand special sale" and "high -quality and low prices".Once consumers are induced for auction, merchants often do not provide return and exchange services for various reasons, which seriously affects consumers’ interests.

Scam means 2:

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When selling sexy underwear, such merchants often blur the brand, materials and quality of products for false publicity.When shooting, some consumers did not see the quality and material of the product, and they chose products with lower prices. However, after receiving it, they found that performance is far less than that of merchants.

Scam three: counterfeit brand brand

In order to pursue high profits, some businesses have the names or models of well -known brands for their own products, and they have the trust of ingenuity to obtain consumers. As a result, consumers spend several times the "brand -name" product with several times of normal prices, but in fact they only get inferiority.Cottage products.

Crac 4: Fictional customer evaluation

Some merchants have fictional buyers praised consumers through manual brushing orders and reviews.When shopping, consumers only see fictional praise data, and they are often deceived because they do not see actual product information.

How to avoid shooting love lingerie scams

To avoid Shenzhen’s sexy lingerie scams, consumers need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Choose regular sexy underwear stores to avoid blind selection of auctions; 2. Code for product information, including the model, materials, manufacturers of products, etc. 3. 3. 3.Do not believe that too low -cost publicity and maintain sufficient rationality; 4. If possible, it is best to buy on the spot to avoid misunderstandings caused by false publicity.

in conclusion

Through the above analysis, I believe that everyone has understood the nature and means of Shenzhen’s sexy underwear scam.It is not uncommon for consumers to be deceived recently, so consumers should choose carefully when buying sexy underwear, pay more attention to false low prices, product quality, customer evaluation and other issues.The most important thing is to choose the right purchase channel to ensure that your interests are not infringed.