Sisters are sexy underwear to dry there

Sisters are sexy underwear to dry there

Background introduction

In the current era, the demand for sexy underwear is getting greater, and many sisters will buy such products.However, many people are confused about how to dry sex underwear.Because sexy underwear is relatively private, sisters will have some concerns and do not know how to dry the sexy lingerie correctly.This article will introduce to you how to dry sexy underwear and some precautions.

Material classification

There are many types of sexy underwear. Common materials are silk, lace, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.Because different materials have different characteristics, the drying methods are also different.

Silk erotic underwear dry

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Silk erotic underwear is best to dry naturally.If you need to use a dryer, you should choose low temperature and low speed.In addition, for the dark silk sexy underwear, it is best not to dry it in the sun, because the sun may cause fading.

Lace erotic underwear to dry

The body and lace of lace sexy underwear need to dry separately.The body can be hung on the clothes rod, and the lace is best placed in a flat drying position.It is recommended not to directly expose to the sun to avoid deformation or discoloration of lace.If you need to dry it, you are recommended to choose a low temperature and low speed and put it in a anti -static bag.

Cotton erotic underwear dry

Cotton erotic underwear is more resistant to washing, but it is easy to shrink.Therefore, it is best to use hot water to soak in hot water before drying, and the shrinkage rate will be reduced accordingly.When drying, do not use the scorching sun to dry directly, but should choose to dry the cool vent.

Polyester fiber love underwear dry

Polyester fiber sexy underwear is best to use low temperature drying, otherwise it will be easy to deform and dry it before drying, so that the underwear is dry.During the drying process, it is recommended to add wet dehumidifiers to prevent the tide from bringing odor.

Selection of drying tools

When choosing a drying tool, it is recommended to choose a wooden hanger or clothing pole to avoid damage to sexy underwear, and at the same time, it can also effectively avoid hook lines.If you need to dry, you can choose a professional drying bag to facilitate the dryness and protection of the underwear.



When drying the underwear, you should avoid mixing with other clothes to dry, otherwise it will cause the ball or fade.In addition, you should lightly pat the sexy underwear to avoid hooking.Finally, it should be sealed to avoid dust or bugs.


Relaxing erotic underwear is a question that needs special attention.Different drying methods should be taken according to different materials.We should avoid mixing with other clothes to dry, and pay attention to shooting lightly to avoid hooking.In order to better protect the sexy lingerie, it is recommended to keep it.

Finally, we hope that everyone can pay attention to the drying method of sexy underwear and treat these special clothing correctly.