Someone in the office steally buy a messy underwear

Someone in the office steally buy a messy underwear

Background introduction

Recently, a very embarrassing thing has appeared in our company’s office.Someone bought sexy underwear at work, and this behavior has violated corporate discipline.As a sexy underwear expert, I think I should solve it. Today I will give some solutions on this problem.

problem analysis

Buying sexy underwear is not a crime, but it will be a bit too much if you buy it at work.Such behaviors will not only affect work efficiency, but also make other colleagues feel uncomfortable.So on this issue, we need to consider multiple aspects.

Solution 1: Establish disciplinary specifications

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First of all, we should formulate some clear rules and regulations to clarify the company’s attitude and opinions on the purchase of private items.It is best to write clear clauses on the employee manual, especially about buying private items during work hours.

Solution 2: Solid underwear private customization

Secondly, we can consider providing employees to provide privately ordering sexy underwear services.In this way, employees can buy private items before or after get off work without being disturbed by others.This can also prevent employees from browsing or buying sex underwear at work, and can also protect their privacy.

Solution 3: Forbidden to buy related products

In addition, the company can also directly ban employees from browsing or purchasing products related to sexy underwear on the company’s computer.Although this is a bit strict, it can prevent employees from wasting time and destroying the company’s image.Moreover, this can also ensure that employees can focus on work without being disturbed by non -related things.

Solution 4: Improve management efficiency

In the end, the company should also strengthen management to facilitate discovery and determining problems.For those employees who are too late to complete work tasks and buy sexy underwear, they should adopt appropriate management methods, such as reminders and warnings to maintain the company’s work efficiency and image.If the situation is serious, more severe measures may be taken.


In short, some people in the office buy sexy underwear during work, and this behavior needs to be resolved.We can solve this problem by formulating rules and regulations, providing private customization, prohibiting the purchase of related products, and strengthening management.Of course, the most important thing is to strengthen the self -standards and self -discipline of employees. Only in this way can we effectively solve the problem effectively.