Stomato sexy underwear dynamics

Stomato sexy underwear dynamics

Stomato sexy underwear dynamics

1. Brief introduction

Belly pocket sexy underwear is an ancient erotic underwear. It originated in ancient China and was updated and improved in modern times.The design of this underwear is simple. It is completely naked below the chest, only wearing it in the waist, allowing women to exude a mysterious charm while retaining privacy.

2. The evolution of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband

Belly Bades’ sex underwear was originally used to protect women’s privacy, and later evolved into a partner erotic toy.Affected by modern wearing design, the sexual underwear in the belly pocket has been updated and improved by different materials, colors and styles; now, it has become an essential style for many sexy women.

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3. Diversity of sexy underwear

Nowadays, the sexual lingerie of the bellyband is not just a simple single -layer fabric, but a superimposed and inlaid of many materials.Some belly pockets have the decorative details of the perfect flowers or butterflies, while others simulate the leather or mesh fabric, allowing women to show more charm for their bodies.

4. Color choice of sexual lingerie in the bellyband

Belly pockets are rich in color choices, from classic black, red to charming purple, and even the tender tone of pink pink are gradually getting hot.The color options of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband gives women more choices, and can be purchased according to their own personality and style.

5. Belly Bades’ Size of Fun underwear

The size of the stomachache lingerie has always been one of the difficulties of women.Because it only needs to cover the lower body, the size is divided according to the waist circumference.When buying, women need to accurately measure their waist circumference, so as not to buy sexy underwear that is not suitable for them.


Belly pocket sexy underwear is a very special sexy underwear, which is very important to match.In terms of matching, you can select sexy low -waist swallow tail skirts, or high -waist shorts, or translucent trousers. It is best not to wear high resolution such as skirts to make the overall match look more coordinated.

7. The maintenance method of sexual lingerie in the bellyband


In order to maintain the beauty and life of belly pockets, women need to do well in washing and drying.It is best to choose hand -washing, do not use the washing machine to clean, use warm water when washing, do not wash with a brush.

8. Precautions for sexy underwear

When wearing a belly -haired lingerie, women need to pay attention to the comfort and safety of the body.There is no support or fixed function in the belly pocket sex underwear itself, so you need to choose the appropriate size of the bellyband sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary physical damage.

9. The choice of sexual lingerie of the bellyband

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?First of all, it depends on whether the style is in line with your body and temperament; secondly, you must choose the appropriate bellyband sexy underwear based on your favorite color and style; finally pay attention to the accuracy of the size to avoid buying underwear that is not suitable for your own.

10. Summary

As an old and fashionable sexy underwear, the bellyband sexy underwear has always been at the forefront of sexy women.In terms of buying, matching, maintenance, etc., women need to choose the most beautiful and sexy side of the bellyband of the bellyband according to their personal conditions and needs to show themselves the most beautiful and sexy side.