Story of oral sex underwear leaking crotch

Story of oral sex underwear leaking crotch

First know the missing crotch underwear

In our daily life, sexy underwear is more of a tool that makes people think of sexy, temptation and sex, but there is a controversial underwear, that is, missing crotch underwear.When I first look at this underwear, it is difficult for people to understand its purpose and curious.So I also began to explore the ins and outs of this underwear.

Understand the type of missing crotch underwear

The missing crotch underwear comes from Japan, and its type is also very rich.Some crotch crotchs that leak crotch underwear are only simple open, and some use special designs, and some can even be disassembled.The design of this underwear has reduced its use occasions and usually only uses sex during sex.

The use of missing crotch underwear

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The use of crotch underwear makes many people feel strange. Why do we need such underwear?In fact, the crotch underwear can bring greater pleasure, without having to take off the panties in the process of sex.Therefore, many people use it during sex to increase the nature of pleasure and interaction.

Precautions for choosing missing crotch underwear

The choice of missing crotch underwear needs special attention, because its design is special.First of all, you need to pay attention to the design of the crotch. You should choose a type of underwear that can bring comfort to the body.Secondly, you need to consider matching occasions and personality, as well as your body and fatness.

How to wear the crotch underwear

The method of leaking crotch underwear looks relatively simple, but in fact it requires certain skills.First of all, you need to choose a comfortable style. You can refer to the precautions mentioned earlier.Secondly, we need to pay attention to using toilet paper or sanitary napkins to prevent damage to important parts, especially women.

Mistration to miss the dangers of crotch underwear

Although the crotch underwear can bring greater pleasure and enhance interaction, it will also cause harm.If the design of the crotch underwear is improper, the user may suffer accidental damage during sex, bringing unnecessary pain and damage.Be careful when choosing.

Disputes of missing crotch underwear and moral ethics

Since the launch of the crotch underwear, it has brought moral and ethical controversy.Some people think that the use of this underwear can cause gender morality problems, so it does not agree.Some people think that this underwear does not change the essence of people, but only to enhance the pleasure of sex through a special way, so it is not a moral issue.

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The trend of leaking crotch underwear

What makes this underwear more popular is not only the need for sex, but also a need for aesthetics.People began to pursue more creative and interactive sexy underwear, leaking crotch underwear just meets this demand.In the future, with the continuous expansion of the market of sexy underwear, leakage of crotch underwear will also compete with many innovative styles.

The relationship between missing crotch underwear and sex quality

Whether the crotch underwear can improve the quality of sex is also a question that people are very concerned about.In fact, it is better to enhance sexual pleasure and interaction, it is a kind of auxiliary tool.If there is no coordinated sexual skills and emotional communication, it is impossible to bring a better sex experience by leaking crotch underwear.

Point of view

Although the crotch underwear is controversial and irritating, if you use it with caution, you can still bring people more innovative, exciting, interactive, and comfortable sex experience.It is not a moral and ethical issue, but an auxiliary tool for enhanced sex experience.