Stranger socks sexy underwear

Stranger socks sexy underwear

Stranger socks sexy underwear

As a kind of flirting and sexy tool, sexy underwear is very popular with sexy lingerie.It can not only satisfy women’s pursuit of sexy and aesthetics, but also satisfy men’s stimulus to challenge some new things.In this article, we will introduce you to the models, styles and wearing skills of hanging strands and sexy underwear, and hope that you can provide some references for your understanding and purchase of sexy underwear.

Model introduction

Study socks sexy underwear is usually composed of a camisole and a pair of over -knee socks. Common materials include soft and breathable fabrics such as lace and mesh, so that your skin can be released.These sexual erotic underwear can be different in design and color, some are transparent, some are translucent, and some are opaque.

Characteristic style

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There are many special styles of suspenders in the suspender socks, such as open crotch, front buckle, back, hollow, fake socks, and so on.Among them, the style of hollow and fake socks is the most popular.The hollow design can display the figure more charming, while the design of the carps get rid of the discomfort of the socks hooking the skin.

Wearing skills

You need to pay attention to some techniques to wear suspended socks.The first is to match. You can use high heels, stockings, shawls, etc. to enhance the sense of fashion of the overall shape.The second is suitable. Some types of sexy underwear may not be suitable for your figure or temperament, so you need to choose the design and style that suits you according to your actual situation.Finally, the size of the size, the size of the sexy underwear is slightly different from the ordinary underwear size. You need to select the suitable size according to the size watch to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

suitable occasion

Study socks are more suitable for private places, such as family, dating, Valentine’s Day, etc.In these occasions, wearing some sexy toys or flirting props can increase the enthusiasm of the entire atmosphere and stimulate stronger lust and sexual desire.

How to choose color

The color of the suspender socks is more colorful to choose the color. The color will not only affect the overall beauty, but also affect the depth of the flirting effect.Generally speaking, pink, red, and black are relatively common colors, and you can choose according to personal preference.In addition, you can choose according to your skin color. For example, people with lighter skin tone can choose light -colored sexy underwear, jumping colors, bright patterns, and more suitable for people with darker skin.

Beauty effect

Study socks sexy underwear is often regarded as a cosmetic product.It can make the skin uninterrupted massage and stimulation, promote blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, and play a role in beauty and beauty.

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Suitable for the flesh

Study socks are not suitable for everyone to wear.First, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended.In addition, people with wounds, inflammation, eczema and other diseases are not suitable for wearing.Finally, people with excessive obesity or malnutrition may not achieve the expected results.

Historical origin of suspenders socks

The historical origins of suspenders socks can be traced back to the 19th century.At that time, women with bleach and rattan bars brought instead of expensive socks and belts.Later, hanging stockings gradually developed into a sexy fashion accessory and became one of the iconic outfits of many performing artists and dancers.

Master recommendation style

Among the suspenders socks, the works of famous underwear masters are widely popular.For example, Jean Paul Gaultier’s suspender vest sexy lingerie, through clever tailoring and design, combine the concept of clothing with sexy underwear.In addition, Victoria’s Secret’s Galaxy Night Infusion Underwear is also a very recommended style. It uses noble beads and metal chains to increase the overall noble old gentleman.

Based on physical sensory suspenders socks, sex underwear prices

In view of the complexity of its design and craftsmanship, the price of suspenders socks is relatively high, and the price of an ordinary sexy underwear is more than 100 yuan or even higher.However, for people who are pursuing sexy, its price is also a way of investing, a way to express love, challenge the limit, and enjoy the realistic body.


All in all, suspenders socks are a powerful weapon for sexy charm. It can not only meet women’s pursuit of beauty and sexy, but also meet men’s needs for novel and exciting.When choosing and wearing suspended socks, we need to have appropriate skills and skills.I hope this article will help you!