Super dirty sexy underwear anime

Super dirty sexy underwear anime

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a kind of embellishment for the sexy parts of women’s bodies.Anime, as an art form that shows unlimited imagination, has also explored and showed a variety of sexy underwear in recent years. Some of them are very "dirty", which makes people unable to stop and appreciate, and even stir up.People’s sexual desire.In this article, I will explore the form of some super dirty lingerie in the anime.

2. Leather erotic underwear

Leather sex underwear is the kind of underwear that can best arouse human desire in an instant.In anime, many authors will wear this underwear for female characters. Among them, the most vivid performance is the leather erotic underwear of the ultimate queen Aslan in "Gundam SEED DESTINY".As soon as she appeared in this set of leather underwear, she attracted the attention of countless men, and also gave her unlimited charm in the whole work.

3. lace sexy underwear

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Compared to leather sex underwear, lace sexy underwear is softer.In anime, lace sexy underwear appears more frequently and has more changing styles.For example, the black lace erotic underwear worn by Marci Kielett in "Fate" is not only full of sexy and charming, but also shows his body to the fullest.Because lace is the most common erotic lingerie material, almost every female role in major anime works may pass through.

4. Student uniforms sexy underwear

Student uniforms are Japan’s most common and traditional sexy performance.In the animation world, women’s characters wear student uniforms.There are more and more works that combine students’ uniforms with sexy underwear.For example, Zhongcun Yuki in "Angel Beats!", Wearing a black student uniform, wearing black stockings and bloody sexy lingerie, showing a sexy and sweet image.

5. Packing buttocks sexy clothing

Interesting the buttocks and sexy underwear, more to shape the female hip curve through the tightly covered with the hips.This style is also a very common type of sexy underwear in animation.For example, the orange flower in "High School DXD" is wearing a set of black hips and sexy underwear, and at the same time wearing lace gloves, making her whole person look full of charm and seductive atmosphere.

6. Swimsuit sexy underwear

Swimming sexy underwear, as the name suggests, integrates swimwear and sexy underwear together.The frequency of this underwear in anime is also very high.For example, the mercury bow in "Sword Art Online", wearing a lace swimsuit sexy underwear with a summer atmosphere, shows her delicate and cute side.In contrast, swimwear erotic underwear also has a more bold version, such as a shocking trousers mask swimwear sexy underwear.

7. Transparent erotic sheets

Transparent sexy underwear is usually exposed to the skin to a certain extent, and is made of translucent or transparent materials at the same time.In anime, transparent erotic underwear highlights more active use.For example, in "Re: Life from Starting World", the transparent erotic lingerie of the heroine Emilia not only shows the beauty of her figure, but also has played an important role in promoting the plot in the development of the plot.Essence

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8. Fairy underwear

Better -bodied underwear is a very storage -effect underwear. It can tighten the waist lines by fitting women’s bodies, more highlighting the figure, and making women more charming.In anime, bumpy underwear is also a relatively common type.For example, Lita in "Blue Fantasy" wore a black beam of sexy underwear, and at the same time paired with black lace stockings, making her look more feminine.

9. Open crotch sex shell

Open crotch sex underwear, combining sexy underwear and dew point gameplay, can meet the sexy and exposed needs that some people prefer.In anime, open crotch sex underwear may not appear frequently as other types, but there are many classic works.For example, in "Girls of Vitality", Hongjing Qinchuan wore a open crotch and sexy underwear, making her sexy more prominent.

10. Summary

Generally speaking, the ultra -polluting sexy underwear in anime not only has rich and diverse styles and materials, but also more importantly, it has played a strong effect in showing women’s figure curves and sexy.I believe that with the continuous development of the animation industry, there are more and more amazing erotic underwear in front of us.


As a product of showing artistic beauty and sexy beauty, the performance of sexy underwear in animation is very critical.Although this kind of "super pollutant" content may cause controversy, we cannot deny that this sexy underwear has an important role in promoting the development and innovation of animation expression.