Suzer’s sexy underwear map

Suzer's sexy underwear map

Suzer’s sexy underwear diagram

As a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, Suzer’s sexy underwear has unique design styles and diverse styles, and is loved by the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts.This article will introduce the style, material, and dressing of Suzel’s sexy underwear.

1. Flat -style sexy underwear

The most basic style in Suzel’s sexy underwear is flat -mouth style. This kind of sexy underwear is generally used in transparent materials such as lace and mesh, which shows women’s charm and sexy.Flat -style sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, including lace trim, flowers embroidery, beaded decoration, etc., giving people a visual impact.

2. Exposed sexy underwear

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If you want to pursue more sexy, you can try the exposed style of Suzel’s sexy underwear.The design of this sexy underwear is a clever combination of transparent material and thin strips, making it naked and showing women’s body curves and sexy.

3. Uniform series of sexy underwear

The uniform series of Suzel’s sexy lingerie is very popular with enthusiasts. Whether it is a nurse, police, maid, students, flight attendants, etc., they have corresponding sexy lingerie styles.This kind of sexy underwear is more like a sexy fantasy, making people experience the fun of daily life.

4. Fairy Tale series sexy underwear

The fairy tale series of Suzer’s sexy lingerie is to deconstruct the classic fairy tale, making people put on sex underwear as if she became a heroine in fairy tale.This kind of sexy underwear is well -behaved and cute, and the feelings of girls are revealed, making people seem to be in a fairy tale world.

5. Body -shaping underwear style

In addition to all kinds of sexy lingerie styles, Suzel’s sexy underwear also has a variety of body -shaping underwear styles, such as bodies and abdominal pants.These bodywear underwear mainly uses elastic silk, which can closely attach the body curve and play a role in the body.

6. Accessories style

In addition to the sex lingerie itself, Suzer also has a variety of sex decoration accessories.For example, stockings, handcuffs, earrings, necklaces, etc. can all add chemical effects to the fun shape and bring more stimuli to sexual life.

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7. Introduction

The main materials used in Suzel’s sexy underwear include lace, mesh, Lycra, etc. These materials feel soft, comfortable, breathable, and highly comfortable.

8. How to buy

The purchase channels for Suzel’s sexy underwear are relatively extensive, and you can buy e -commerce platforms such as official website, Taobao, should be noted that when buying sexy underwear, you must choose according to your own size.

9. How to maintain

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear that requires special maintenance.It is recommended to use hand washing and using a neutral detergent. The water temperature should be about 30 degrees.You can add a soft fluid to keep the sexy underwear soft.

10. Summary

Suzer’s sexy underwear, as a well -known brand in the field of sexy underwear, has a variety of styles, materials and design make people linger, and have high cost performance.Whether it is a girl who wants to try sexy, playing with fun, or young people who want to light up at night life with sexy underwear, they can feel unusual visual and physical stimuli in Szeel.