Sweeper sex underwear small chest self -employed self -employed

Sweeper sex underwear small chest self -employed self -employed

Sweeper sex underwear small chest self -employed self -employed

First, what is a jersey sex underwear?

The sexy underwear is a sexy, interesting underwear, which is usually made of lace, mesh and other materials.It covered on the body like a cloak, so it was named "Jie".Visually enhance sexy charm.

2. What are the places of sexy underwear?

On the one hand, the shirty underwear is suitable for sexy requirements such as party, cosplay and other sexy requirements.It can keep you confident and sexy at all times.On the other hand, the sexy lingerie of the jersey is also suitable for adult products shops or sex toy gatherings, which makes people feel romantic.

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Third, the color and style of the shirty underwear

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and the more popular colors are black, red, nude and purple.The style of the sexy lingerie of the jersey is mainly divided into two types: conjoined and splitting. The conjoined body is usually close to the face, suitable for young people and good women.The split is more suitable for women with a certain degree of development.

Fourth, how to choose a jersey sexy underwear that is suitable for you?

First, you must choose different styles based on your body size, shoulder wide bust, body shape, and your own preferences.At the same time, you can also refer to the erotic underwear matching method on the star or social platform to learn about different styles of sexy underwear matching methods.

Five, the brand of the shirty underwear

There are many sexy underwear brands in the market, such as Egbin, Iymei, and Blog.The sex and quality of these brands are relatively high.When selecting a brand, you can refer to the brand’s word of mouth, market share and other indicators.

6. Who are the players in the jersey sexy underwear?

The applicable population of the shirty underwear includes: couples who like to play the "shame" game with their partners, young women who are pursuing sexy routes, and women who want to enhance their charm and self -confidence.

Seven, the maintenance method of shirty underwear


The sexy underwear is soft and tender, and it is necessary to use hand washing or professional washing method.It is best not to use harmful substances such as alkaline or bleaching agents to avoid damage to underwear.At the same time, when stored, avoid direct sunlight or humid environment, and pay attention to ventilation in the wardrobe.

8. How to match the robe sex underwear?

The matching can be selected according to different occasions. The evening occasion can be paired with long skirts or short skirts. Cosplay can be paired with various role clothing.At the same time, the playful lingerie of the jersey can also be paired with high heels or various sexy accessories to improve the overall matching effect.

Nine, how do small breasts choose the show of sexy underwear that suits them?

For small breasts, the sexy lingerie styles such as flat, thin cup type, no steel ring, and triangular cup style are more suitable.These styles can make small breasts more full and stylish.

10. Summary

In short, the shirty underwear is a stylish, sexy and romantic underwear, which is suitable for various occasions.When choosing a shirty underwear, you must choose the brand and style that suits you according to your physical characteristics, preferences, and occasions.At the same time, you need to be careful during maintenance to ensure the life of the underwear.